Olive oil to protect heart health

    Olive oil to protect heart health

    Regular consumption of olive oil for 6 weeks reduces the risk of heart attack

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    Regular consumption of olive oil for 6 weeks reduces the risk of heart attack and the merit lies in the phenolic and oleic acids. So goodbye serious heart disease if we don't forget to put the oil in our baby food.

    Scientific confirmation comes from one study conducted at Glasgow University and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, according to which the main food of the Mediterranean diet is an authentic elixir for our little heart.

    THE EXPERIMENT - The researchers examined the beneficial effect of olive oil on a sample of 69 men and women, divided into two groups. Volunteers were asked to introduce in the daily diet 20 ml of olive oil both low and high in polyphenols, for six weeks.

    At the end of the test period, the experts employed a new technology to detect the presence in the urine of a series of peptides known as biomarkers of some heart diseases: known as "proteo mica", this technology allows you to observe the alteration of the levels of some proteins, early signs of the disease before the onset of symptoms. The analyzes revealed great improvements for both groups. And not only: introducing olive oil into the daily diet would also keep blood pressure at bay.

    The fats contained in the oil have been shown to improve the essential functions of the heart or the contraction and pumping of blood. In particular, it is oleic acid that is beneficial and helps even the most tired hearts to do their job better.

    "If we were able to identify the first traces of diseases before they take hold - explains Dr. Bill Mullen, of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences - we may begin to treat them before they become a problem that requires costly medical intervention. "

    Prevention, therefore, continues to be the magic word, and a healthy diet can only be the winning strategy!

    Germana Carillo

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