Nuts and peanuts are good: all the studies that show it

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Nuts, peanuts and the whole dried fruit family not only help fight extra pounds, they are also useful against heart disease and even cancer.

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Who said they only make you fat? Nuts, peanuts and the whole family of the dried fruit not only do they help fight the extra pounds, but they are also useful against heart disease and even cancer.

From the results of some studies reported in the New York TimesIndeed, it appears that the more people consume nuts, the less likely they are to die prematurely, particularly from cancer or heart disease.

While another search Published in JAMA Internal Medicine and conducted on more than 200 men and women in the southern United States and Shanghai, it found that the more nuts and peanuts people consume, the lower their death rates, especially from stroke.

Moreover, if it is true as it is true they are today more and more allergy sufferers, two recent studies show that in each case there are methods of preventing children from developing an intolerance.

Il first, published last year in JAMA Pediatrics, argues that women can decrease their risk of having a child with allergies by eating peanuts during the nine months of pregnancy, and the reduction is greatest among babies whose mothers consumed five or more nuts. times a month.

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Another research, published in February in the New England Journal of Medicine, explains instead that the introduction of peanuts in the diets of children aged 4 to 11 months considered to be at high risk of developing a food allergy it actually greatly reduces the likelihood of becoming intolerant in the future.

In any case, remember that in general the dried fruit is good! The shell is rich in minerals, contains beneficial proteins and oils, has no cholesterol and is rich in important nutrients, including protein and dietary fiber. It is also a source of folic acid, niacin, and vitamins E and B6. Get in the habit of anyway munch on an empty stomach, because after lunch or dinner the only effect will be that of a slow and heavy digestion.

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