Nothing is thrown away from broccoli! How to reuse scraps to dress pasta at no cost

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The broccoli stem and leaves should not be thrown away: here's how to use them to prepare a quick and delicious pesto

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When cooking the broccoli, often the tops are used and the leaves and stems are discarded, but all the broccoli is edible and nothing is thrown away from the broccoli: the scraps can be transformed into the ingredient at no cost for healthy and tasty recipes like this one we offer you.

With the stem and leaves of the broccoli For example, you can prepare a tasty pesto to be used to flavor pasta or to prepare canapés or fill sandwiches

Il broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. Italica), also called broccoli cabbage, is a a precious vegetable for our health, because in addition to being rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, it also contains numerous antioxidant substances and capable of reducing the risk of cancer.

It is worth eating often when it is in season, from September until March.

Pesto with broccoli stem and leaves

Il pesto with broccoli stem and leaves is a recipe for not discarding anything of the broccoli, which is prepared in a few minutes and which allows you to avoid waste.


  • stalk and leaves of broccoli
  • two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • a clove of garlic
  • two tablespoons of nutritional yeast flakes
  • a pinch of salt


Cut the stalk of sliced ​​broccoli, cleaning it from any damaged or blackened parts and steam it for fifteen minutes. To make the garlic less strong, you can steam it with broccoli, rather than using it fresh.

Eventually you can also add some yellowed broccoli florets, as well as spices and herbs or other ingredients of your choice, such as chilli, dried sweet peppers, dried cherry tomatoes, pepper, curcunma, basil or oregano.

After letting the stem cool, place all the ingredients in the glass of the hand blender, add one or two tablespoons of the cooking water and blend until smooth.

Use the pesto for season the pasta, stuffed sandwiches or spread on croutons.

Do you discard the stalk of the broccoli? If so, here's a good reason not to do it again: steamed stalk blended with garlic, oil and salt, great for seasoning pasta :)?

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Reference Sources: Nutrition Foods / Sage Journal

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