No more partridge eye under the foot thanks to these remedies and solutions that we have in the pantry and in the garden

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What is partridge eye on the foot? How to treat it? Are there any effective natural remedies? Let's see the best therapy together

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Have you ever heard of partridge eye? No, we are not talking about birds, but rather about a problem that concerns ours piedi. Very similar to a wart, it is a thickening of the skin, the original name derives from the fact that the affected area is circular white or red with a darker point in the center, which would therefore recall the eye of a partridge.

But how is it formed? Partridge eyes are often a problem that affects people who play a lot of sports, do a job that forces them to stay long hours on your feet but above all iThey wear uncomfortable, poor quality shoes or not suitable for your type of foot or the use to be made of it. In this case, in fact, the foot is forced to pressure or rubbing which in the long run lead to the formation of these thickenings.

Partridge eyes, most of the time form between two fingers (usually involved are the fourth and fifth) and often cause discomfort, pain or difficulty wearing the usual shoes. It is a very frequent and obviously not serious ailment on which you can safely act with some natural remedies or simple tricks to put into practice immediately to ensure that the problem is solved in a short time:


Comfortable shoes

If you guess that it was a pair of shoes that made the bird's eye appear, avoid them for a long time by preferring instead comfortable shoes with low heels at least until the thickening has disappeared. Always wear soft slippers at home.

Foot baths

If you have pain and discomfort in your feet, a great way to get relief right away is to do gods foot bathswith hot water and integral salt or bicarbonate or Epsom salts for at least 30 minutes. Once the area has softened, it is possible to pass a foot file to try to decrease the extension of the partridge eye, but without forcing it if pain is felt.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is refreshing and soothing, it can therefore be useful in relieving discomfort and treating partridge eye. Spread the gel several times a day gently and until completely absorbed, if anything you can use a gauze to keep the area clean and in contact with the aloe. If you have the plant, plucking a leaf is also okay, cut it in half and apply the gel directly.


A grandmother's remedy for partridge eye is that of rub the affected area with a lemon wedge with antibacterial properties. You can also apply it as a compress, cover it with gauze and a plaster and leave it on overnight.

Calendula wraps

Especially if the area is very painful, hard and red, you can get benefits with some compresses with mother tincture of calendula or with an infusion based on this plant. They should be repeated several times a day for at least 15-20 minutes.


They are commonly found in drugstores patches to be applied between the fingers or on the area of ​​the foot where the partridge eye appeared in such a way as to prevent the situation from getting worse and very comfortable to continue wearing shoes and walking without feeling pain.

You can find others natural remedies for corns and calluses HERE.

If despite several natural attempts the partridge eye still remains there "Watching you"? Then it is better to contact a expert who will advise you on the best therapy.

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