New supplement withdrawn due to the presence of ethylene oxide

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This time, the withdrawn product is Diabetyn from the Sensilab brand and can also be purchased online on the manufacturer's website

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Even the supplements contaminated by ethylene oxide they are more and more. In recent days, the recall by the same company of three Psillo-based supplements was published on the website of the Ministry of Health. But now comes a new retreat.

This time, the retired product is Sensilab brand Diabetyn. Also available online on the manufacturer's website, it comes from Slovenia but is also sold in our country. 

According to the Ministry's notice, the risk associated with the supplement concerns the presence of ethylene oxide, the dangerous pesticide that has been worrying the world for months.

In particular, the lot withdrawn, in this case, is No. 2100309.

If you bought it, avoid using it but bring it back or send it back for an exchange or refund.

Reference source: Ministry of Health

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