Neem oil: properties, benefits and how to use it for health and beauty

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Neem oil. Let's discover all the properties and uses of this versatile vegetable oil suitable for the care of humans but also of animals and plants.

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Neem oil. Let's find out all the property and the countless usi of this versatile and antibacterial vegetable oil, suitable for the care of humans but also of animals and plants.

L'neem oil has been used in cosmetics and medicine for hundreds of years, with particular reference to Ayurvedic medicine traditional Indian. It is extracted from the leaves and fruits of a plant called Azadirachta indica, native to India and Burma. Its use has passed the test of the passage of time and has thus been able to reach the present day.

In India, neem oil but also the leaves and twigs of the plant from which it is derived were used to prepare a real ready-to-use medicinal kit for the treatment of any disease.


Neem oil, properties

Neem oil presents antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiseptic properties e antifungine, which make its use suitable not only for the care of our health and our beauty, but also for the protection of plants and animals from attacks by parasites. It can be found in herbal preparations and natural cosmetics such as toothpastes, soaps, skin creams and skin products.

The smell of pure neem oil can be quite pungent and unwelcome to many. In cases where you just can't stand it, you can add fragrant essential oils that have properties suitable for the ailment you want to treat or prevent (For example, if you want to use it against mosquitoes, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil, lemongrass , geranium or mint).

Science is currently studying the properties that the ancients had already identified with regard to neem oil and have confirmed, among other things, its ability to promote the activity of the immune system and fight viral, bacterial or fungal infections.

In summary, neem oil is:

  • antiviral
  • antibacterial
  • pesticide
  • antiseptic
  • antifungal
  • promotes the activity of the immune system

Neem oil, benefits

Neem oil is suitable to be applied to our skin both for massages and for local treatments in case of dry skin, due to its moisturizing properties. Its content of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids they also make it suitable for the preparation of face creams and for the body with antioxidant and anti-aging power. Neem oil is very powerful and concentrated and for its application on the skin it can be added in the quantity of a few drops in natural base creams or in more delicate vegetable oils, such as sunflower or jojoba oil.

It is also beneficial for treating skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and herpes but also in the treatment of scars and stretch marks. Also great for use on dry hair, which have dandruff or attacked by lice but also to strengthen the nails.

The benefits of this oil are also evident on animals and plants. It is in fact a natural flea but also of a pesticide which does not have the environmental disadvantages of those of chemical origin.

The benefits of neem oil can be exploited in case of:

  • dry skin
  • wrinkles
  • Psoriasis
  • acne
  • Herpes
  • dry hair
  • dandruff
  • brittle nails
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • fleas in animals
  • plant parasites

Neem oil, how and when is it used?

Neem oil commonly for sale it is not suitable for indoor use, therefore, cannot be ingested, but can be used for external or cosmetic applications, both on ourselves and on animals or plants.

It could also be used as it is in small doses but generally it is mixed with other vegetable oils (for example sweet almond oil) or essential oils useful to enhance the effect depending on the use you want to make of them.

Let's find out now the most common uses of this vegetable oil.

Here are some possibilities of using neem oil:

Liquid soap

A few drops of neem oil can be added to your liquid soap to increase its antibacterial properties. After adding, shake the container or mix the oil with the help of a wooden rod.

gel douche

Neem oil can be added in small quantities to the shower gel in order to enhance its moisturizing and antioxidant properties, so that after a bath or shower you can find your skin that is certainly softer and more elastic.

Scars and stretch marks

Neem oil helps the skin in its regeneration in the case of scars and stretch marks, improving its appearance thanks to constant application over time. In these cases, its pure application on the affected areas is recommended.

psoriasis and herpes

The disappearance of skin disorders like herpes and psoriasis it can be helped thanks to the application of pure neem oil. It may vary according to the extent and severity of the phenomena. In this regard, the herbalist will certainly be able to indicate the best treatment.


In some cases, neem oil is also used for the treatment of acne given its purifying and antibacterial power but also for its ability to regulate the skin's sebum. That's enough apply a few drops better if after taking a bath or shower (in this way the pores of the skin will be more dilated).


Against earache our grandmothers used to slip a drop of warm olive oil into the children's ears in order to stem pain and inflammation. In the Indian medical tradition lolive oil is effectively replaced by neem oil.


Neem oil may also prove effective against candida. For this purpose you can use a few drops applied locally, inside douches or mixed with intimate soaps.


Neem oil can be applied to the skin to keep mosquitoes away. If you get stung, it can be applied directly to the bumps caused by the stings to reduce itching and redness. It can also be added in drops to the stagnant water left in the saucers to avoid the maturation of mosquito larvae. (Also read Natural and DIY Remedies for Mosquito Bites).

Neem oil and hair

About ten drops of neem oil can be additions to your shampoo so that it is more effective in the prevention of formation of dandruff, as well as in its care if it is already present.The shampoo added with neem oil can be used for school-age children in order to prevent head lice.

Neem oil and dogs

Neem oil is also used successfully on dogs and other animals. For example, a flea collar suitable for both dogs and cats by simply dipping a cloth string in neem oil which will be used to obtain a homemade collar. Neem oil can also be applied in drops on the coat of the dog or cat to keep fleas and other parasites away.

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A few drops of neem oil can be diluted in water so you get a completely natural spray product from spray in the rooms of the house or on cushions, blankets and carpets before cleaning or washing them, to keep mites away.

Neem oil in agriculture

To prevent yours plants are attacked by fungi, insects and parasites, try to dilute four drops of neem oil in a liter of water, shake and spray it on the soil of your garden or at the base of your potted plants in order to guarantee a completely effective and natural protection.

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Neem oil, contraindications

Neem oil is a natural substance that has no major contraindications. However, if it is used too often or in large quantities it can give rise to skin sensitizations causing redness, rashes and erythema to appear. Use during pregnancy is not recommended or if you are trying to conceive since some active ingredients contained in this oil have abortive power.

Then there is another aspect to consider, even if it is not a real contraindication: neem oil has a very unpleasant odor. For this reason, there are those who are discouraged from using it, perhaps choosing other natural remedies. Try mixing some essential oils together to see if the situation improves.

As you may have guessed, neem oil is one of those natural remedies so versatile that should never be missing in the house.

Neem oil, where to buy

The product can be purchased online or in herbal medicine and possibly found or ordered at stores that deal with the sale of natural products.

We recommend these 2 products: virgin neem oil, and refined-liquid one.

Amazon: Virgin Neem Oil 250ml

Amazon: Refined Neem oil 250ml

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