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How to cleanse your face of acne impurities in the most natural and effective way possible? If the more traditionalists run for cover with a towel and a simple steam of hot water, ideal for dissolving impurities without too much difficulty, the nonconformists will make facial cleansing a natural, relaxing and well-being experience.

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How cleanse your face from the impurities ofacne in the most natural and effective way possible? If the more traditionalists run for cover with a towel and a simple steam of hot water, ideal for dissolving impurities without too much difficulty, the nonconformists will make the face cleaning a natural, relaxing and well-being experience.

THEacne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands and follicles which can be improved with intelligent and completely natural devices:


First remedy: lemon and baking soda

To clean the pores clogged by pus o blackheads mix these two ingredients: sodium bicarbonate e lemon juice in a cup with lukewarm water. Join one teaspoon of baking soda with one of lemon juice in half a glass of lukewarm water and pat your face in the most inflamed areas, leave it on for a few minutes then wash and dry.

Second remedy: onion

La onion ha antimicrobial properties and can help fight acne-causing bacteria. Cut the fresh onion strips and apply it directly on the face, it will make the skin softer, purifying it from pimples and acne. Another variant, even more effective, is to use the onion juice. Its beneficial properties against acne scars and its antibiotic action on various bacteria, which cause skin infections, have been demonstrated.

3) Third remedy: essential oils

Use the essential oils to cure blackheads, pimples, sebaceous cysts superficial or scarring.

  • Lavender oil: L 'lavender oil it has antiseptic properties and helps eliminate bacteria from skin pores. It is also a plant with an intoxicating scent that par excellence helps to relax and relieve stress. Add a little lavender oil to the day cream (possibly without adding other scented essences) or clean your face with diluted lavender oil.

  • Melaleuca oil: also the Tea tree oil (tea tree oil) or tea tree oil has antiseptic properties. It is an oil of Australian origin with an important natural antibiotic action. It can be used to fight a skin infection or seborrheic dermatitis by rubbing the face with a cotton ball dipped in 2-3 drops of essential oil diluted in almond oil. Continue the treatment for a prolonged period (1 or 2 months). Some recent clinical studies have shown that using this oil to improve skin blemishes helps to reduce heartburn, itching and dryness compared to those who use benzoyl peroxide.

  • Calendula oil: it's a oil extracted from marigold flowers, particularly effective antiseptic remedy in treatment of spots or redness left by the most inflamed pimples. Apply it directly to the spots. It stands out for its delicacy, for its healing properties and improves the physiological state of the skin when used constantly.

  • Lemongrass oil: TheLemongrass oil it is an excellent astringent and helps treat acne and oily skin. Add a few drops of oil diluted in water and apply it on the face with a cotton swab. It is not indicated for dry skin but useful for treating acne as well disinfect the skin.

  • Raspberry seed oil: raspberry seed oil is a organic oil: minimizes stains. It constricts blood vessels, reduces inflammation and redness, minimizing the "tender", albeit unsightly, effect of red spots that appear on the face in the face of a major event. Raspberry seed oil is a multivitamin oil: contains the Vitamin E, A, the omega-3 and omega 6. A study carried out in 2000 revealed how raspberry seed oil acts as a screen against UVA and UVB rays. This makes it a great alternative as a sunscreen. Before buying raspberry seed oil, always make sure it is truly organic obtained from raspberries not treated with pesticides. Raspberries are among the fruits most contaminated by these chemical residues.

Fourth remedy: avocado

Against inflammation and redness, blend a portion of avocado and dab it on pimples. It is a natural cream that will make your skin velvety and a last-minute tip to try not only for facial skin but also for soften your hair. For a perfect face, rely on natural care. Relax with these sweet tricks and you will improve your skin and your inner well-being because treating acne means purifying your body not only externally, but internally with an adequate diet and also internally with the pleasure of creating healthier alternatives that are ever greener!

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