Natural pillows: the different types and health benefits

Natural pillows and their benefits. Goodbye polyester, cushions stuffed with natural materials that help us sleep better and rest in a much more peaceful way are now depopulating. The natural materials with which these cushions are filled are full of useful and beneficial features.

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Goodbye polyester, the pillows made with natural materials that help us sleep better and rest much more peacefully. The natural materials with which these cushions are filled are full of useful and beneficial features.

Natural cushions are mainly used for relieve pain, when they are small bearings, or for promote good sleep, when it comes to larger pillows or small pillows to be placed on the bedside table or near the headboard of the bed.

You may have already heard of pillows with cherry stones and spelled husk pillows. We want to investigate their characteristics. Natural cushions can be DIY made or purchased in herbalist's shops, natural product stores and on the Web.

Here are the main types, with theirs benefits e features.


Mountain herb pillows

I mountain herb pillows they help us breathe better. They are activated by the heat of our body. We can place them under the covers or near our usual pillow. Among the herbs used to make these natural pillows we find, for example, yarrow and mugwort. Mountain herb pillows are helpful in relieving the cold and for the well-being of the respiratory tract.

Rice husk pillows

I rice husk pillows they are designed to promote our well-being. Their ecological padding brings us back to a peaceful contact with nature. Falling asleep on a pillow made of natural materials is very restful. In particular, the rice husk pillow is suitable for promoting relaxation, both in adults and children.

Spelled husk cushions

The spelled husk pillow is considered useful for promote sleep in children. Thanks to its characteristics it tends to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. When placed under the legs, this pillow promotes circulation and cool down.

Pillows with cherry stones

With the pits of cherries the padding of pain relief pads for the wrists and neck but also useful for replacing the ice pack or hot water. In fact, the bearings with cherry stones can be heated on radiators or cooled in the refrigerator and freezer.

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Pillows with hot salt

Another idea for the filling of natural and healing pads is to use the hot salt, with which bearings or small bags are made to be applied on the part to be treated. Heat can be especially useful in case of muscle tension. Instead, for inflammations it is better to resort to cold packs.

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Pillows with flax seeds

I flax seed they can replace cherry stones to make pain relief pads. Being smaller than cherry pits, they can make the pads more comfortable when we use them, for example, to rest our wrists while typing on the computer. The linseed pads can be heated on the radiator or chilled in the freezer to replace the bruised ice pack or hot water bottle.

Pillows with lavender flowers

Un lavender flower pillow it is very useful for promoting sleep and relaxation. Thanks to the do-it-yourself you can easily make a pillowcase to fill with dried lavender flowers. To promote good sleep, rub the pillow a little before going to sleep so that it releases its aroma and place it next to your normal pillow or on the bedside table. You can also place a small lavender flower cushion in the corner of your pillowcase.

Pillows with buckwheat husks

The pillow with buckwheat husk it is recommended for the cervical, in particular to reduce pain in the neck. During the night these pillows give the right support and do not flatten, so the head maintains a correct position. Usually the amount of buckwheat husk inside the pillows is adjustable, so you can find the most comfortable height to rest.

Himalayan salt pillow

Il Himalayan salt cushion is recommended for those suffering from articolar pains. This type of pillow should be heated in the oven for 15-20 minutes. The heat during the application of this pillow helps to relieve pain and the properties of the pillow itself due to the presence of salt allow it to absorb excess moisture. It can also be useful to rest on the back to relieve pain.

Millet chaff cushion

After the most famous pillows in rice husk and spelled husks, here is finally the millet husk pillows. These cushions favor the well-being and harmony of body and mind thanks to their natural materials. In particular, millet is indicated for those suffering from back pain, neck pain, neck pain and rheumatism. Millet husk pillows can be heated on the radiator.

Hops flower pillow

Hops are well known for their sedative and relaxing properties, as well as as an ingredient for flavoring beer. For this reason, hop flowers are used to make the filling of natural pillows designed to promote relaxation and good sleep.

Pillow with hemp seeds

Pillows with hemp seeds are natural thermal pillows that can be used as an alternative to the hot water bottle if heated in the oven at a low temperature, or on the radiator, to relieve pain due to muscle and neck contractures, headaches, menstrual pains and rheumatism.

Have you ever used or made a natural pillow? Did you find it useful?

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