Natural and do-it-yourself remedies for 10 small beauty problems

Honey, olive oil, vinegar, tea, yogurt, lettuce or cocoa are just some of the natural ingredients useful for taking care of your health and physical appearance. Here is a list of ten green tricks to deal with the most common daily aesthetic emergencies.

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It would be wonderful to wake up every morning in top shape, looking fresh and relaxed. But, as we know, beauty and well-being must be carefully cultivated day by day. Better still if using a perfectly natural remedies, cheaper and more eco-sustainable than a beauty farm.

Il honey, olive oil, vinegar, tea, yogurt, lettuce or cocoa, are just some of the natural ingredients useful for taking care of your health and physical appearance. Here is a list of ten self-produced tricks to cope with the most common daily aesthetic emergencies.


Rough and chapped hands

Il freddor, changes in temperature, but also the use of detergents and the action of dust can contribute to red and chapped your hands. An effective and completely natural remedy to make your skin soft and silky back is represented by olive oil. You can apply it like a real cream, perhaps in the evening, before going to sleep, gently massaging the most critical points. At the end of the operation, to favor the absorption of the oil and not grease everything around you, it is better to wear cotton gloves.

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Dark circles and tired eyes

tired eyes and dark circles, and to soothe irritation, redness and swelling of the eyelids, you can intervene with some rather well-known and decidedly cheap remedies: for example, using slices of cucumber or potato (strictly raw). A possible alternative is represented by tea: take two sachets, no matter what type, dip them in hot water as if to make an infusion and then let them cool. When they are cold, put them on your eyelids and relax.

Facial skin too oily

You can prepare some simple ones at home cleansing and purifying compounds which can give your skin a fresh and healthy look. This scrub all'avena, for example: take two tablespoons of oatmeal and mix them with a tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Spread the mixture on your face, taking care to insist on the most critical areas, the chin and nose, and rinse with warm water.

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If you have some time, you can resort to a nice one astringent and purifying mask. There are several "recipes" useful for this purpose. For example, the strawberry mask: crush two or three strawberries in a bowl and mix them with two tablespoons of honey, two egg whites and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Spread a thin layer of it on your face, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

Before applying any mask, remember that the skin on the face must be well cleaned, free of makeup remnants. And that, after the mask, it is always a good idea to complete the work by applying a tonic, even better if ecobio (as an alternative to tonic, you can always dilute a few drops of lemon or vinegar in water).

Facial skin too dry

Again, there are several types of DIY masks useful for this purpose, nourishing and moisturizing, to restore tone and brightness to dry skin. For example, one lettuce mask: boil some lettuce leaves in very little water, reduce them to a pulp and add an egg yolk and almond flour, in sufficient quantity to give consistency to the mixture. Apply the cream obtained on your face and keep it on for 10-15 minutes, then gently remove it with warm water.

Or, you can choose a nice one yogurt mask: half a jar of plain yogurt and half a glass of honey are enough. Mix the two ingredients and spread the mixture on your face, keeping it in place for a quarter of an hour. Then remove it gently, perhaps with the help of a sponge, and rinse with warm water.

Oily and dull hair

At the end of a normal wash, apply the juice of two lemons, gently massage the scalp and then rinse. Lemon gives hair shine and, with its astringent properties, can help rebalance sebum production.

An alternative is represented by the mint: crush some fresh mint leaves and boil them in a saucepan. When the resulting mush has cooled, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture on the hair after shampooing, massage and then rinse carefully.

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Dry or brittle hair

nourish and regenerate your hair, who suffer from stress, from atmospheric agents or from too many treatments, you can resort to a compress based on honey and sweet almond oil, melting the honey in a bain-marie and then mixing it with the oil. Use the mixture on dry hair and leave it on for an hour, then proceed with a normal wash.

Alternatively, you can mix olive oil and almond oil with the yolk of an egg, and to distribute the cream obtained on dry hair, leaving it on for a quarter of an hour before proceeding with the shampoo (it is always better to choose it eco-organic, so that it does not attack hair and scalp).


A period of fatigue and stress or prolonged use of harsh products such as hairsprays and gels can help to set in dandruff problems. A natural home remedy is represented byvinegar (preferably apple): mix it with water and use the mixture to massage your scalp. Then wrap your hair in a towel and let it rest overnight before washing. A Flaxseed oil is also excellent anti-dandruff, to always apply before shampooing, massaging the scalp. In any case, remember that "grandmother's" remedies may not be sufficient to permanently eliminate the discomfort of dandruff, and that they should be excluded if the skin is irritated or scratched: for specific treatment indications, it is always advisable to contact a dermatologist .

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Bad breath

In addition to normal daily oral hygiene, you can try to intervene by rinsing based on water and lemon juice: a few drops of lemon are enough to improve the situation and give you a feeling of freshness. Alternatively, you can use the fennel seeds, green tea, aniseed or with mint (to be taken in the form of herbal teas or candies). Another traditional remedy is the chew parsley leaves or coffee beans after meals, or in rubbing teeth and gums with sage leaves.

Rough and dull skin

In this case, we offer you a decidedly greedy body treatment: lor chocolate scrub. Mix dry cocoa powder and cane sugar (as an alternative to sugar, you can also use fine salt: it is not equally greedy, but it is still effective) and dilute them with someseed oil (or even with sweet almonds) until you get a soft cream. Then spread the mixture on your skin, massaging gently, to hydrate and velvety, and finally rinse.

Cracked lips

Il cocoa butter (on the market you can find many natural ones) moisturizes and protects your lips, but does not free them from dead cells. For this, you can follow an old advice of the grandmother and focus onolive oil, which acts as an exfoliant. Alternatively, you can also try the XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter: spread a little on your lips, leave it on for a few minutes and then gently remove the cuticles using a toothbrush. The honey, finally, it acts as an emollient and promotes the healing of cracks.

In any case, whatever your particular problem, always remember that a healthy and balanced diet is the basis of our physical well-being and that, in many cases, it also contributes to solving our aesthetic worries.

Lisa Vagnozzi

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