Mustard: 10 alternative uses

Mustard, natural remedies and alternative uses. The history of mustard is very old. It is a condiment that was most likely already used in Ancient Rome to flavor and preserve dishes. Its use became popular in the city of Dijon, France, in the 13th century. We now know mustard mainly in the form of an accompanying sauce for vegetables or to fill sandwiches.

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The history of mustard is very old. It is a condiment that was most likely already used in ancient Rome to flavor and preserve dishes. Its use became popular in the city of Dijon, in France, in the 13th century. Now we use mustard mainly in the form of salsa to accompany vegetables or to fill sandwiches.

Not everyone perhaps knows the to the healing properties of mustard and his alternative uses, both in the form of powder and as a real sauce. In fact, mustard can be very useful in case of colds and stuffy nose, to relieve muscle pain, but also for gardening and ecological cleaning.

I mustard seeds, from which both the mustard powder and the sauce can be obtained, derive from a plant belonging to the cruciferous family, such as cauliflower, and native to Asia. Here are some interesting uses of mustard that you may not have known about.

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Mustard: 10 alternative uses



Planting gods mustard seeds in 'garden it is considered a useful remedy to discourage the growth and spread of weeds. For this reason, mustard is sometimes used to create borders, especially alongside the cultivation of more delicate vegetables. The insertion of mustard in the flower beds is recommended by thesynergistic agriculture. In addition, your garden will be enriched with beautiful ones yellow flowers.

Ecological cleaning

Powdered mustard has a cleaning power not to underestimate. It is particularly useful for the cleaning the pans. Pour one or more tablespoons on the dirt or grease stains, add water to create a cleansing cream and rub. Or let the simple mustard powder sit for a few minutes to absorb the grease.

Bad smells

Have you ever thought of mustard as a natural remedy for bad smells? As in the case of the sodium bicarbonate, mustard powder is capable of absorb odors unwanted products that can form, for example, in food containers. Pour into them boiling water and a tablespoon of mustard powder. Let it rest for at least half an hour and wash normally. Bad smells should be gone.

Face mask

In this case you will use mustard sauce, preferably organic or homemade. It is a great face mask, useful for unclog pores and to make the soft skin. Before applying it, test a small amount of it on the inside of the elbow, to check that there may be no allergic reactions.


Mustard it is considered useful to relieve the throat inflammation. For gargling, mix one teaspoon of mustard powder, one of lemon juice, one of salt and one of honey. Let cool and use normally for gargling. It won't taste great, but this remedy will help calm the inflammation.

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6) Muscle aches

The mustard sauce, which must be as natural as possible and preferably homemade, is considered a useful remedy to relieve muscle pain and contractures. You will have to spread it on the skin as if it were a real ointment and you can use it to perform beneficial massages against pains. Powdered mustard can also be added in small quantities to the tub water for one relaxing bath and anti-inflammatory.

7) Hair

Mustard also comes to our aid in hair care. Mix a teaspoon of mustard powder and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Massage the mustard oil into your hair, insisting on the ends, preferably after having moistened them. Let the repair pack act as much as possible, or at least for an hour. The hair will be softer and shinier after shampooing.

8) Stuffed nose

In case of cold and stuffy nose you will be able to resort with mustard to prepare a decongestant pack. Massage a teaspoon of mustard sauce on the chest and place a cloth moistened with hot water over it for a few minutes. Relax and in the meantime let it act. You will immediately feel better.

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9) Sunburn

Here is a quick remedy for the small burns that can happen while you are cooking. If you happen to get burned, with a pan or with boiling water, immediately wet your skin with somecold water and then apply the mustard sauce. It is a useful remedy for quickly passing pain and relieving redness.

10) Footbath

After a long day of standing or walking, it's finally time for relaxation. For a foot bath and will help you to forget the fatigue and feel better immediately, fill a basin with lukewarm water and add one or two tablespoons of mustard powder. Soak your feet for at least 10 minutes and enjoy the beneficial effects of this relaxing foot bath.

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