Music therapy: a support for young people with cancer

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Music therapy has been very useful for young cancer patients to bring out their anxieties and fears and better cope with the disease.

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La music allows you to free your emotions, knows how to instill strength and courage and therefore be of great help even for those suffering from very serious diseases. New research has shown, for example, how music therapy can be a valid support for young cancer patients.

Writing music lyrics and making videos is a very effective way to sharing your anxieties and fears with others, bring out the repressed emotions and thus help to regain strength and restore confidence to better fight against one's illness. To say this Joan Haase, researcher at the University of Indiana and Sheri Robb, music therapist, in a study (published in the scientific journal Cancer) that examined 113 young patients aged between 11 and 24 years.

All the research participants had received a stem cell transplant to treat cancer but only a few were included in the "Therapeutic music video”, A rehabilitation program that allowed him to actively engage in music by composing a song complete with a video. The other boys, on the other hand, were part of the control group who were simply given audio books to listen to.

Well the result was that the young people who practiced music therapy had become more courageous in the fight against disease and within a hundred days of the transplant, they were better integrated into society than the control group. Music had played a big part in all of this but just as important had been for the kids to be surrounded by a positive family environment and have good relationships with friends, doctors and nurses, who are also involved in the therapeutic experiment to the sound of music.

Obviously music alone cannot be enough to heal cancer but it can certainly help to better deal with the course of the disease and have a fundamental importance in keeping mood high, a key component for recovery.

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