Mushroom picking: tips to avoid poisoning

Mushroom poisoning. We are in autumn, the favorite time of year for those who love to collect the mushrooms that populate our woods, especially after a rainy day. Alongside the mushroom season, unfortunately, poisoning is also returning. It is therefore good not to venture into tasting the mushrooms we have collected if we are not sure that they are edible.

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Mushroom poisoning, how to avoid them? We are in autumn, the favorite time of year for those who love collect mushrooms that populate our woods especially after a rainy day. Unfortunately, alongside the mushroom season, the intoxications. It is therefore good not to venture into tasting the mushrooms we have collected if we are not sure that they are edible.

Just over the last few hours it occurred in the province of Perugia, in the locality of Piegaro, for an new case - fortunately not serious - of mushroom poisoning, which involved three women, a mother and two daughters, all hospitalized.

Recall that the mushroom picking can be regulated on the basis of regional and national regulations and that mushroom pickers (divided between amateurs and professionals) are required to possess a special card, which can be issued by the Municipality to which it belongs.


Help from an expert

Never improvise as expert mushroom pickers. Falling into error is in fact very simple. THE poisonous mushroomsSometimes they can be very similar to edible varieties and cause confusion. If we want go for mushrooms, but we do not know them enough, we ask to accompany us on the walk in the woods to a person who has a long experience in their collection and in their recognition.

Contact the ASL

It is possible that your experience in mushroom picking is of medium level. You have decided to go for mushrooms and to choose only the varieties that you know well. Even if you are sure of what you have collected, just to make sure e to avoid intoxication, contact your local ASL. In fact, there are usually services for the local health authorities recognition of poisonous mushrooms and edible. The Local Health Authorities provide the fresh mushroom recognition service from approximately August to November, with the presence of a mycological inspector.

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Know the symptoms

In case of severe mushroom poisoning one can speak of a real one poisoning. It is therefore good to know the symptoms so that you can act accordingly. If in doubt, after having ingested mushrooms of uncertain origin and with the appearance of some suspicious symptoms, contact the Emergency room. In the most serious cases themushroom poisoning it can lead to impaired liver function. Among the most common symptoms we find vomiting and diarrhea. They can occur gastrointestinal problems, which are sometimes mistaken for influence. Symptoms of intoxication can appear 30 minutes to 12 hours after ingesting poisonous mushrooms. Less severe cases are treated by simply administering drugs for a few days. In other cases, hospitalization is required. Under the worst circumstances, the liver can be damaged so badly that a transplant organ. To learn more, we refer you to the website of the Ulss of Verona.

Collect or buy and store mushrooms

Unfortunately, there is no lack of cases of intoxication linked to the consumption of inedible mushrooms that ended up on the market by mistake. At the time of buy mushrooms remember to check for the mycological tag. You will need to know the origin of the mushrooms, their type and, if possible, also the date of collection, before buying them. Transport the mushrooms collected or purchased preferably in paper bag, avoiding plastic bags, so as not to favor the formation of mold, humidity and rot. For the preservation of mushrooms, you can opt, for example, for drying, preparing pickles or freezing after cooking. In any case, before deciding to eat or store mushrooms, if you have any doubts about their type and origin, consult an expert opinion. At the ASL the experts will show you the best methods for the consumption and conservation of mushrooms according to the type.

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Grow mushrooms indoors

Not only mushrooms to collect or buy, but also to grow at home, even if you don't have a garden available. They can be found both online and in gardening shops mushroom growing kit at home, accompanied by instruction manuals, special containers and spores to obtain edible mushrooms. The methods are usually very simple and involve, for example, the use of coffee grounds. Edible mushrooms will be available in a few weeks. Also in this case, if you have any doubts, contact an expert who will be able to provide you with the most useful information.

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