Mosquitoes: the most effective essential oils to keep us from being bitten

The 10 most effective anti-mosquito essential oils to spread in the environment. Not all are indicated and recommended, let's see which are the most effective

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Essential oils against mosquitoes. The most feared and hated insects of the summer can easily be kept away by using essential oils which, at the same time, will help to improve the atmosphere of your bedroom or other areas of the house.

However, not all are equally indicated and recommended, so let's see among the various uses of essential oils, which are the most effective anti mosquitoes, and how to use them.



In the first place there is undoubtedly lavender, a pleasant and relaxing essential oil, perfect to be spread in the bedroom in the evening because, in addition to keeping mosquitoes away, it makes the atmosphere more relaxed and helps you sleep. You can also pour a couple of drops directly on the pillow and between the sheets or dilute a few drops in sweet almond oil by massaging on the areas most exposed to bites.

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Eucalyptus, on the other hand, is more suitable during the day, since it is an essential oil that stimulates brain functions, perfect for example for those who must study or work in an environment where there are mosquitoes, this oil will thus perform two functions in one diffusion only: keep your mind active and keep insects away. Also perfect in case of cough and cold, given its expectorant properties.


Geranium is one of the anti-mosquito plants par excellence. The essential oil can be diffused in the environment, if you like the scent, or scattered on the curtains of your home in order to prevent mosquitoes from entering.


Another queen plant in the fight against mosquitoes is lemongrass. The essential oil is very powerful and does not have a pleasant but effective scent. Maybe it's more tolerable though mixed with other essential oils more pleasant among those listed, the blends among other things can be even more effective than the single oil.


Strangely, the scent of basil, so pleasing to us humans, is equally unwelcome to mosquitoes. Essential oil is perfect to spread around the house during the day given that among other things it has an antidepressant action and stimulates intellectual functions. In the evening, on the other hand, a few drops on the edges of the window and on the bedside table are enough, perhaps applied on a handkerchief positioned precisely in the most strategic points of the room.

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Among the many potentialities of tea tree oil there is also that of repelling mosquitoes. Widespread in the environment also has the advantage of keep away not only annoying insects but also germs and bacteria thanks to its antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Given the strong smell of this oil, unwelcome to most people, it is good to mix it with other more pleasant essential oils in order to make the fragrance more suitable for the environments.

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Lemon balm also has excellent anti-mosquito qualities, a plant that is like lavender perfect for repelling mosquitoes especially in the evening. Thanks to its soothing and relaxing properties, a little lemon balm essential oil spread in the bedroom will help make your sleep longer and quieter as well as mosquito-free!


Thyme thymol, especially if combined with lavender, gives good results against mosquitoes. Even this oil can be spread in the environment or spread on handkerchiefs (including paper) to be placed near the windows in order to make mosquitoes unwelcome. This essential oil is also a powerful antibacterial.


Mint is an essential oil that is generally very welcome and pleasant to spread at home, especially if you want to keep insects away but also awaken the mind and spirit. It is in fact a very stimulating essence, perfect even if you have a bit of a cold or stuffy nose.

If you don't have the essential oil diffuser and you prefer to use one spray mixture based on essential oils to be used as needed, you can make your own by following this mosquito repellent recipe.

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