Mosquitoes: how to get them away from home with… a roasted lemon!

Have you ever tried to keep mosquitoes away with roasted lemons? This original remedy is completely natural

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Roasted lemon against mosquitoes: the trick to keep insects away with only one natural ingredient

Have you ever tried to keep mosquitoes away with roasted lemons? This original remedy is completely natural, very simple and quick to prepare as well as cheap. All that remains is to try it.

Those who are regularly bitten by mosquitoes fear their return every year and are always on the hunt for new remedies to keep these insects away, preferably natural, thus avoiding giving in to the purchase of chemicals that are not good for our skin or even less. to the environment.

If you have already tried the various essential oils for mosquitoes, plants against mosquitoes to keep at home and in the garden, sprays of all kinds, candles or anything else, you just have to experiment with another little-known solution. The protagonist of this very simple remedy is lemon.

It is a recipe that takes very little time to prepare (less than 10 minutes in total) but which promises to keep mosquitoes away for a long time, at least as long as the aroma of roasted lemon is strong. The advantage is undoubtedly that it is made with one and only natural ingredient that keeps insects away without damaging them, cheap and that we all always have at home.

What do you need? Simply 1 or 2 lemons that will go divided in half and placed in a preheated oven at 100 degrees for 5 minutes so that they roast. However, it is necessary to leave the oven door ajar so as to give the lemon scent the opportunity to expand. Mosquitoes have a very sensitive sense of smell and the strong smell of this citrus will make them move away. In fact, while humans find the fragrance of lemon generally pleasant, mosquitoes don't think the same way and consider it unpleasant.

The limit is obviously that this remedy only works in the areas adjacent to the oven, therefore kitchen and living room or as far as the smell of lemon can reach (the greater or lesser effectiveness also depends on the size and layout of the house).

Other ideas for using lemon against mosquitoes

The lemon aroma can also be exploited in other ways in order to keep mosquitoes away in a natural way. If the trick of putting it in the oven did not work enough, for example, you can spread lemon essential oil at home, prepare an infusion with lemon slices to spread on the body instead of chemical anti-mosquito lotions or even put pieces of this citrus fruit. cut into bowls to be placed in strategic points such as windowsills, balconies but also on desks and bedside tables.

According to popular wisdom, rubbing a slice of lemon into the skin is an easy way to avoid mosquito bites. It must be said that today these insects are no longer what they once were and have become much more resistant and aggressive. If, therefore, despite the lemon you have been bitten, keep in mind that placing a slice of this citrus fruit on the skin can also be useful to soothe swelling and itching. 

Have you ever experienced the effectiveness of lemon against mosquitoes? What do you think?

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