Mistakes not to make in the kitchen if you want to lose weight after 40

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Losing weight can become a difficult goal to achieve especially as you age. Let's find out why and what are the mistakes to avoid in the kitchen to be able to lose weight after the age of 40.

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As we age, losing weight seems to get a little more complicated. Try to lose weight after 40in fact, it can take longer than when you were 20 or 30.

It can be frustrating, but if your desire is to see the scales go down, don't give up or throw in the towel, as even though calorie deficit is the factor behind weight loss, there are so many other elements that go into it. game. 

For women in particular, losing weight after the age of 40 can become more stressful mainly because hormonal changes begin to occur at this stage of life due to perimenopause. Let's find out what are the mistakes to avoid in the kitchen if you want to lose weight after 40. (Read also: How to prevent weight gain during menopause )

Mistakes in the kitchen

After the age of 40, you will most likely find it more difficult to digest foods that you usually ate at 20 or 30. Also remember that the muscle mass after 40 decreases, so try to eat protein with every meal.

This macronutrient, in addition to making you feel fuller for longer, is useful when trying to lose weight. Don't cut out carbohydrates, just add more protein and vegetables to your diet and you may be able to help with weight loss.

For carbohydrates, opt for whole-grain carbohydrates, as the fibers they can help you feel full between meals; as a result, you will eat less and consume fewer calories this way.

Obviously, avoid buying calorie snacks and processed and packaged foods; for snacks, therefore, prefer fresh fruit, yogurt, dried fruit and raw vegetables.

As for women, after the age of 40, hormonal changes can lead to a buildup of fat around the belly area. All of this is caused by fluctuations in estrogen which can affect you in a number of ways, but you can compensate by including foods rich in plant estrogen.

An example are all foods based on soy, which we advise you to introduce into your diet at least once or twice a week.

Hormonal changes also affect bone health; therefore, it is good to opt for calcium-rich foods or calcium-fortified plant-based foods, such as vegetable drinks or yogurt.

Therefore, it is clear that starting from the age of 40 it can be difficult to lose weight, but everything is possible; how? The advice is to abandon complicated diets, and simply make sustainable and healthy changes to your diet.

Stay active

As women approach menopause, hormonal changes not only affect muscle mass, but bone density as well. Many women may also find that their usual fitness routine may be less effective and not bring about the desired physical changes.

THEresistance training it is essential for women at this stage of their life, because it promotes the increase in muscle mass and strength. This type of training can also help control weight, mental and physical health.

The main thing is to avoid putting too much stress on the body with excessively strenuous exercise, which can have the opposite effect: increase hormonal imbalance and lead to an increase in visceral fat.

Day by day it is good to be able to avoid stressful situations and adopt good sleep hygiene techniques, such as taking a bath before going to bed, not looking at the phone or laptop before going to sleep, trying breathing or meditation techniques, reading a book and organize the room to make it cool and comfortable.

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