Millet: 10 quick and easy recipes

Millet is a cereal rich in properties, if you don't know how to use it in the kitchen we will suggest many quick and easy recipes.

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Millet is a rich grain of properties that we should consume more often. Not sure how to use it in the kitchen? Don't worry, there are many quick and easy recipes based on millet that can be experimented and very tasty for both adults and children.

The millet in the kitchen lends itself very well to making meatballs, croquettes or cupcakes but it can also be used to prepare first courses, fillings and delicious desserts. The important thing is to prepare it in time by boiling it in hot water (double the amount of cereal) and taking care to absorb all the liquid without draining, so as not to lose its properties. It takes about 15-20 minutes to cook and it is not necessary to soak the cereal first.


Here 10 quick and easy recipes:


Millet with Brussels sprouts, walnuts and sunflower seeds

Do you want to prepare a first course that is not the usual pasta or risotto? The mile is for you. In this recipe we propose a combination not only with fresh vegetables but also with oily fruit rich in properties such as walnuts and sunflower seeds for a truly complete and nutrient-rich dish. Here how to prepare it.

Meatballs made with millet, vegetables and turmeric

With the millet you can make delicious vegetarian meatballs to be enriched with seasonal vegetables, turmeric or other spices. They can also be prepared in a vegan version by replacing the egg with breadcrumbs to still obtain compact meatballs that do not fall apart during cooking. Here the recipe.


Peppers stuffed with millet and turmeric

Especially in the summer season you can prepare many cereal-based stuffed vegetables. In this recipe we have chosen to use millet to fill peppers, but nothing prevents you from following the same recipe using other seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, aubergines or courgettes as a base. Here the complete recipe.

Millet salad with chickpeas and lemon

Millet is great for brewing cold salads to be enjoyed in the summer. You can enrich your millet salad with boiled chickpeas, courgettes, lemon juice and zest. Season with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. For an exotic touch also combine ginger and cumin. Here the complete recipe.

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Meatballs or burgers made from millet and purple cabbage

Purple cabbage is among the least known of the cabbage family, but actually like its relatives it boasts many beneficial properties. When in season you can make the most of them by preparing meatballs by combining this vegetable with millet. Here is the recipe to prepare and make them crunchy and palatable even for children. Nothing prevents you from changing its shape by making vegetable burgers.

Sesame au gratin millet pie

Excellent flans with sauteed vegetables and millet. Then, using breadcrumbs or seeds, your pie will create once it is baked in the oven a tasty crust. It is a dish suitable for all seasons as it is good both hot in winter and cold in summer, even to take to the beach. Here is a recipe to prepare the sesame au gratin millet pie.

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Chocolate puffed quinoa and millet crispy

With millet you can also make sweet recipes such as these crispies based on quinoa and millet blown with chocolate ideal for a children's snack. They are very simple and quick to make even at the last minute. Here the recipe.

Millet milk

With millet you can also prepare it at home an excellent vegetable drink, to be used as an alternative to cow's milk for breakfast or snack. Compared to traditional milk, that obtained from millet is much more light and digestible but still rich in properties. Here you will find a recipe.

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Millet with hazelnuts

If you love hazelnuts and you need to accomplish a greedy and original dessert you can prepare a dessert based on millet and dried fruit, not only good but also very energetic, perfect for having a healthy but also tasty breakfast. Hazelnuts can also be replaced with almonds, walnuts, etc. Here the recipe.

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Apple and millet pie

With millet you can also make real ones cakes or donuts, mixing it with wholemeal flour or rice and making it all tastier with the use of fruit. An excellent combination is that with apples to make a more original cake than the classic one. Here you will find a vegetarian recipe, but if you are vegan you can easily replace milk with a vegetable drink and butter with corn oil.

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