Milk: a beneficial food or to avoid?

    Milk: a beneficial food or to avoid?

    Is milk really a healthy drink for our body? We report three different opinions on the subject

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    Il XNUMX cups milk it has always been considered a fundamental food of our diet, useful for the growth of children but also for the good health of adults thanks to the presence of football and other nutrients. In recent years, however more and more skepticism was born against this very popular drink, all supported also by some scientific research (the best known are those reported in the book The China Study).

    We wanted to gather the opinions of several experts in the field of health and nutrition to know their position on this issue. Let's start with the nutritionist Valentina Venanzi, who reflects a little the even more widespread position regarding milk and dairy products, or that of those who consider these foods essential for the good health of bones and teeth especially in children in the growth phase thanks to the high presence of calcium and proteins.


    However, there is a very widespread problem today which is that of food allergies and intolerances which very often concern milk and its derivatives. How come? Maybe we drink too much? Probably yes but the essential problem, as Dr. Alvise D'Amico explained to us is that, after the first years of age when milk (mother's milk) is essential for growth, most of us lose the lactase enzyme, useful for the digestion of this food which otherwise would be indigestible for us. "So not everyone can drink milk and milk is not always good for you" ...

    Finally there is those who consider cow's milk a harmful food for our body, as a "specific species" therefore not suitable for humans but only for calves. We interviewed the clinical nutritionist Maria Antonietta Giufré who explained to us how the milk of other mammals is an indigestible food for our body as rennin and lactase, enzymes capable of digesting milk proteins, are no longer present. Reference is made to the studies reported in particular in the book The China Study, by T. Collin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell, in which it is argued that casein, which our body is unable to digest and assimilate, is a very dangerous for humans and can also lead to serious problems.

    Who convinced you the most with his arguments?


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