Mercury poisoning: main symptoms and natural remedies

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Mercury is a dangerous metal that easily comes into contact with our body and, accumulating very slowly over time, can cause problems for our body

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Unfortunately we are increasingly exposed to heavy metals now often present, albeit in small quantities, in the air, in some waters, in fish, in dental occlusions, in vaccines, etc. The mercury, in particular, it is a dangerous metal precisely because it easily comes into contact with our body and, accumulating over time very slowly, can give problems to our body by creating a real intoxication.

Let's see what they are the first and main symptoms which can appear in case of mercury poisoning:


Mercury tends to concentrate in tissues slowly over time. It can therefore create joint and muscle pain, various inflammations and a feeling of stiffness in the limbs. Muscle fatigue and weakness or cramps may also be felt. Obviously it is not easy to attribute these symptoms to an excessive presence of mercury in the body since they can be confused with fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome or other.


Even in the case of digestive problems, it is not easy to identify the cause in mercury poisoning. It's probably easier to connect the two if you have a few in your mouth old mercury-based dental fillings (today fortunately fallen into disuse). In this case the problems can occur precisely because very small fragments of mercury end up in food and consequently then in the digestive system where they can create problems in both the stomach and the intestinal bacterial flora.


Mercury tends to be concentrated mainly in fatty tissues, just like the brain. Mercury poisoning can therefore negatively affect the functionality of our mind or its development in the case of infants or children. It is no coincidence that during pregnancy it is said to consume tuna and other fatty fish in great moderation to avoid that the quantities of mercury contained in them can reach the fetus and compromise its brain development. Symptoms that may appear in adults are migraines, memory and language difficulties, poor attention or other.


There is no need to go into full-blown mercury or other heavy metal poisoning before implementing a strategy to detoxify the body. The latter is in part able to do it alone thanks to its excretory organs, in part it needs to be supported with some natural remedies. First, of course, it would be good minimize exposure, for example by limiting the consumption of the aforementioned fatty fish, avoiding unnecessary vaccines, eliminating mercury dental amalgams in a protected and timed manner, etc. However, even unconsciously, we are all more or less exposed to it and therefore, when needed, we can use it some remedies to stem the problem. Among the most used and effective are the zeolite, theventilated clay andChlorella seaweed. For other solutions you can read: How to purify yourself of heavy metals, 10 foods and natural remedies.

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