Mediterranean diet: the ability to protect against cancer confirmed

    Mediterranean diet: the ability to protect against cancer confirmed

    Thanks to the presence of folate, the Mediterranean diet would be able to protect us from tumors, in particular from cervicocarcinoma. Research from the University of Catania

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    It is not the first time that we talk about the Mediterranean diet as of a complete eating style and also recommended as capable of keep tumors away. More and more confirmations come from researches all over the world, but this time the attention on the characteristic diet of our country has been pointed by the University of Catania.

    The team of experts led by Dr. Antonella Agodi, of the Department of Medical, Surgical and Advanced Technologies "Gian Filippo Ingrassia" precisely in Catania, has however restricted the field to a specific element particularly present in the Mediterranean diet, that is,folic acid.

    La Vitamin B9, contained especially in plant-based foods such as spinach, citrus fruits, tomatoes, olive oil, crucifers, legumes (HERE you can find the foods that contain higher amounts of folate) would be an effective natural help that we can provide to our body daily to defend itself from tumors.

    The research, still ongoing, is being carried out on a sample of hundreds of women from Catania and the surrounding area involved through specific sampling and collection of questionnaires. As Dr. Agodi explained:

    "The results of the study will allow us to identify specific population targets for prevention interventions, a sort of bank of biological samples well characterized from an epidemiological point of view in order to make new steps forward in research on female cancers".

    The study could be very useful in particular in the prevention of cervicocarcinoma, which is the malignant tumor of the cervix. In fact, it is thought that folate would be able not only to reduce the risk of HPV infection (Papilloma virus - risk factor for this type of cancer) in uninfected women but also to speed up healing if the infection is already in course as well as lowering the risk of cells turning into cancer cells.

    Mediterranean diet thus promoted once again! But you are sure you know exactly how this is composed eating style? In this regard, read HERE.

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