Medicines, cosmetics and supplements: how to save online and have safe products

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Even on cosmetics or supplements, you can save, without having to give up on efficacy and safety

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How much do over-the-counter drugs cost and which is the cheapest? Or how can you know the right price of a productherbal or its specific usefulness? When we have no choice in taking one or more drugs, we ask ourselves which is the least expensive among the medicines that have the same active ingredient and a completely comparable efficacy and, if we find ourselves buying online, we must be clear first. to proceed.

What is certain is that on medicines, but also on cosmetics or supplements, you can save, without having to give up on efficacy and safety. But, especially if you shop on the web, you have to be very careful.

The opinion of any self-styled expert is now within everyone's reach and often there is no correct information about this or that active ingredient. If you are looking for specific drugs online, scam and scam are just around the corner. Why do we fall for it?

Because today there is so much online information on health provided by anonymous or non-experts that it is easy to fall into it in a moment: the sector related to online purchases of health products is flooded with shops and information sites of dubious reliability. In addition, the problem of fake online pharmacies and the sale of counterfeit products is always present.

Online medicine and health is in fact a real business that you need to know well if you don't want to play with fire. A "friend" site is undoubtedly PriceFarmaco, a specialized price comparator for the pharmacy sector, parapharmacy and herbal medicine.

With this site you have the opportunity to compare the prices of cosmetics, supplements, baby items and non-prescription drugs, in short, all products for the health and well-being of the person.

Safe and efficient portal where users can look for savings on the cost of their pharmaceutical and beauty products, both from their PCs and from mobile phones and tablets, PricesFarmaco - born from a young and innovative startup - it has almost 300 reviewed e-commerce sites and its characteristic is the price comparison of the same and not similar products.

Whether you just want to consult to find out, or whether you intend to make a purchase, Prezzifarmaco allows pharmacists to have their own space as a showcase for their products and people to save, also because helps you to quickly find products, promotions, the best offers and the best shops. In this case, the subscriber receives a notifies you when the price of the product you are interested in is discounted.

Each product and each shop present on the comparator is verified by a team of experts for ensure maximum reliability and safety, the information present is verified by a pharmacist and in addition the products on sale are only those authorized by AIFA.

Finally, the "shopping list”, Which allows you to create lists of products you want to find, find which online store has them available, which promotions and coupons can be activated on the cart and the shipping costs.

For example, if it is necessary to buy a dietary supplement for cholesterol every month that we often do not find in the pharmacy or we find it at full price. We know that it can always be found online at very low prices, but those wishing to buy it on the web are overwhelmed by many offers and proposals on the search engine without being able to get a clear picture of the situation. With PricesFarmaco you can find that product without fear at the best price and in the best shop.

As for pharmacies, they can join the Premium service, a real promotion service. Pharmacies that become Premium, in fact, have one available complete shop card with all the information, curated in detail with the publication of advertising banners and discount coupons, the certification of Prezzifarmaco and the opinions of users.

Happy shopping!

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