Mc Donald's, new storm on Happy Meal: there is cadmium in Shrek's glasses

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New storm on McDonald's: the results of the analyzes on glasses withdrawn because they contain cadmium, reveal that the present concentrations of this metal were actually dangerous for the health of children

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We can imagine that eating at McDonald's is not healthy even just passing by any of the fast food restaurants of the yellow and red clown chain. The confirmations come from films and documentaries, but also from various experiments that test "longevity" and highlight the dubious consistency of the food served in the famous fast food restaurants.

The latest news in chronological order that McDonald's accuses concerns the worrying results of a series of tests conducted on a large number of glasses given as gadgets with theHappy Meal object of desire of thousands of children because they bear the image of Shrek, the most famous ogre on the planet.

Well, in the United States about 12 million had been withdrawn last summer, because they contain levels of cadmium above the guard threshold. Of course, McDonald's found that value not dangerous to health, but he wasn't right at all.

The team of scientists entrusted with the analyzes asked themselves a simple question: how much cadmium is ingested by a child, even just by touching the glass from which he drinks?

La conclusion emerged it eliminates all doubts: far too much.

It is true that it is a substance contained in secondhand smoke, in batteries, used to produce pigments and coatings, therefore with which a child easily comes into contact every day without anyone investigating or getting too hot.

But we know that cadmium can cause it serious bone damage, to the lungs, to the kidneys, and it causes even more of it in young children in the age of development. Here we are talking about glasses, the extent of the damage is amplified.

The glasses were supplied by Arc International, which defended itself by arguing that cadmium is absolutely necessary to obtain certain colors and was amazed at McDonald's withdrawing the glasses on which it had imprinted four versions of the Shrek saga.

On the other hand, only the “toys” category can have higher cadmium levels. Maybe they thought the big glasses could fit in?

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Photos: Chicago Tribune

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