Maturity 2016: promoted and rejected foods

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Maturity exams: everything that is preferable to eat to pass the tests

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Struggling with the final exams? Know that also a table you can fight stress and nervousness, induce sleep and increase concentration.

To face the tests brilliantly, in fact, it is necessary to feed in the right way, choose healthy and light foods, able to provide the right substances without weighing down the body.

The abuse of coffee, for example, is the number one mistake, the one most committed by students preparing to face the final exams (but also university sessions). Coffee, in fact, even if it has some beneficial effect, in the case of exams it is better to avoid it or at least not consume it inappropriately. It causes excitement, anxiety and insomnia: all this causes you to lose concentration and serenity.
Go ahead, however, to the fruit, which helps to relax and fight the great heat.

La Coldiretti has compiled the list of "pass and fail" foods in the diet for the high school exams that affect nearly half a million students.

A help in overcoming the worry comes from foods rich in relaxing substances such as bread, pasta or rice, lettuce, radicchio, onion, fresh cheese, yogurt, boiled eggs, hot milk, sweet fruit and honey infusions that promote sleep and give the necessary energy and concentration.

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To face the final rush to avoid is not only coffee, but also potato chips, pretzels and chocolate. It is necessary, also advises Coldiretti, to try to rest properly paying attention to nutrition, avoiding both fasting and excesses, especially with heavy foods or with exciting substances.

Among the condiments foods with excess sodium are to be avoided for which curry, pepper, paprika and salt in abundance should be banned, but also dishes in which cooking cube has been used. Canned foods for excess sodium and preservatives are also to be kept away.

On the other hand, there are foods that - highlights Coldiretti - help to relax due to the presence of a amino acid, tryptophan, which promotes the synthesis of serotonin, the neuromediator of well-being and the brain neurotransmitter that stimulates relaxation. Serotonin increases with the consumption of foods with simple sugars such as seasonal sweet fruit but positive effects in the evening diet are obtained with legumes, boiled eggs, meat, fish, fresh cheeses.

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Among vegetables, in first place the lettuce, followed by onion and garlic, which, thanks to their sedative properties, help you sleep. Finally, even a good encouragement sweet rich in simple carbohydrates has a positive anti-stress action, as well as infusions and herbal teas sweetened with honey that create an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure that relaxes the mind and makes it more ready to respond to the stresses of the examiners.


Potato chips in bag
Dishes with cooking nut
Chocolate, Cocoa
Coffee, The
Curry, Pepe, Paprika
Canned food


Pasta, Rice, Bread, Barley
Lettuce, Radicchio, Onion, Garlic
Turnips, Cabbage
Fresh cheese, Yogurt
Boiled eggs
Honey in hot infusions, hot milk
Sweet fruit

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