Marriage: it's good for the heart, says an American study

    Marriage: it's good for the heart, says an American study

    Married people (up to 51 years old) have 12% fewer cardiovascular diseases. According to a research that analyzed the exams of 3,5 million people

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    Marriage protects the heart by reducing cardiovascular risk especially up to the age of 50. This is what supports a study conducted at New York University, Langone Medical Center and presented in Washington at the American College of Cardiology.

    The curious research, coordinated by Carlos Alviar, monitored more than 3 million people (aged 21 to 102) with different family statuses: 69% married, divorced, widowed or single, in smaller percentages. The researchers analyzed the tests related to these people in particular, they focused on the health of the arteries in different areas of the body: legs, heart, brain, etc.

    What did we see? Married people had a lower risk (-12%) of contracting cardiovascular disease especially if they were still young (less than 50 years old). The greatest risks, on the other hand, were related to divorced or widowed people.

    The benefits of marriage, according to the research, they begin to decline after age 50: there is talk of a 7% less cardiovascular risk between the ages of 51 and 60 and a minus 4% after the age of 61.

    "These findings should certainly not motivate people to marry, but it is important to know that decisions relating to your private life can have important implications for vascular health," Alviar said of his research findings.

    Ma from what then actually would the health benefits of marriage depend? There is no certainty about this and the hypotheses are different: perhaps it is because two people have greater economic capacities, they help each other in everyday life (including health problems), they enjoy emotional stability, etc. But then would even a simple coexistence be enough?

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