Mango: the benefits you don't expect just discovered by new research

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New research has found that snacking on mango is a good way to lower the risk of chronic disease

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New research has found that eating a mango-based snack can have great effects on our health, particularly it could help reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Mango is a much loved fruit, but in addition to its particular flavor it has some nutritional characteristics that make it a particularly healthy food. Inside, in fact, there are a great variety of vitamins, minerals, fibers and micronutrients.

To better understand the health benefits of this tropical fruit, a San Diego State University study took a sample 27 overweight and obese adults who consumed 100 calories of fresh mango or 100 calories of low-fat cookies every day for 12 weeks.

Compared to those who ate the cookies, participants who consumed mangoes showed improvements in some chronic disease risk factors, including fasting glucose levels and inflammation, although cholesterol levels and body weight were not. affected.

These findings suggest that daily mango consumption may improve some risk factors associated with being overweight or obese. Of course, everything needs to be explored on a much broader and more varied study sample.

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The full results of the research will be presented during the NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE, underway these days. On the event website you can already read all the main details of the study. 


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