Male fertility: drops if you keep your cell phone in your pocket

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Men shouldn't keep cell phones in their pockets. According to a new British research, they risk an 8% decrease in fertility in this way.

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La fertility, both male and female, in recent years it has been experiencing a decline probably because of the wrong and unregulated lifestyles that keep many people, for unhealthy nutrition, for other still unknown causes but also for the presence of telephone and wireless networks from which we are bombarded always and everywhere. A new study has recently shown how spermatozoa are affected by the presence of the cell phone if kept in the pocket and therefore lose at least part of their effectiveness.

The research, carried out by the biology faculty of the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom and published in Environment International, aimed to put together and compare the results of 10 studies that analyzed the relationship between cell phones and male fertility. In particular, we focused on understanding how the presence of electromagnetic waves can interfere with the good health of spermatozoa.

The total sample evaluated was 1.500 adult men which was known to be the qsemen quality is his concentration that the speed and mobility of spermatozoa. From this analysis the researchers could highlight how the incorrect habit of keep your cell phone in your pocket of the pants and therefore very close to the testicles and other parts of the male genital system, involve a 8% decrease in fertility compared to the average, in particular the spermatozoa lose their ability to move and vitality.

To have to worry about this eventuality would be in particular, according to Fiona Mathews, lead author of the study: “That group of men who are already in a situation on the border between fertility and infertility”.

It will obviously be very important carry out new epidemiological studies, Mathews herself underlines, that they can give a more complete and detailed picture, not only to evaluate the negative effect of cell phones and tablets kept too close to the private parts but also wrong lifestyles: unhealthy nutrition, poor sleep or physical activity, smoke, etc.

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