Lung cancer: just a blood test to know if it's there before it develops

The Ieo of Milan has developed a real ultra-early diagnosis tool for lung cancer

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Tumors e early diagnosis: a blood test will let you know if there is a lung cancer and to increase the chances of recovery. A specific analysis, in fact, the so-called microRna test, will be able to read the "Molecular signature" of cancer before it manifests itself.

THEEuropean Institute of Oncology in Milan has thus developed a real instrument of ultra-early diagnosis which, once perfected (at the moment the test has aaccuracy of 80%), will become the means for a simple and, above all, economic screening of people most at risk.

What are microRnas? It is molecules excreted from cells and there are about 200 different, but the researchers found that 13 of these, if altered, indicate the risk of having cancer, for which they have been tested as tumor markers.

I TEST - Conducted on 1115 heavy smokers or former smokers, at risk but healthy (among which 48 people with cancer were randomly distributed). At the end of the research, the "signature" of the tumor was found only in the 48 sick subjects. A discovery, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, which has all positive sides: in addition to being much less expensive than a spiral CT scan, the new exam ("me test“) Is also less invasive and easy to perform so that, unlike CT scan, it could be used as a mass screening among heavy smokers to have an early diagnosis of lung cancer.

In practice, "if today it takes 10 thousand CT scans to diagnose 100 tumors - explains Fabrizio Bianchi, head of the Ieo's Genomics and Bioinformatics Laboratory - tomorrow, by doing the mir-Test first, 3108 Tacs (on people positive to the mir-Test) will be enough to have the same number of early diagnoses “. "We demonstrated - says Pier Paolo Di Fiore, Director of Molecular Medicine of the Ieo - that the mir-Test is decisive: if positive, that is, if the 'signature' is present, the smoker must undergo the spiral CT scan; if, on the other hand, it is negative, he must not make any further checks until the next sampling ".

A big step towards the saving time and money, so. And not only that: the test will also be tested for other types of cancer and, the experts swear, it can also be used to read the genetic profile of an individual and evaluate their personal response to drugs or a chemotherapy process.

In short, science and research proceed, but always remember that the way of prevention always passes first of all from our table and our lifestyles. here it is 8 rules which you should follow if you don't want to get cancer (or at least reduce your risk!).

Germana Carillo

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