Low triglycerides: causes, symptoms and treatments

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Triglycerides are fats in the blood that are formed from the food we ingest. In practice they are our energetic reserves and for this reason they must be kept under control. Too high values ​​expose you to cardiovascular risk but also having low triglycerides is not something to be underestimated. So let's see what can be the causes of low triglycerides and possible treatments.

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I triglycerides they are fats present in the blood that are formed from the food we ingest. In practice they are our energetic reserves and for this reason they must be kept under control. Too high values ​​expose to cardiovascular risk but also to have i low triglycerides it is not something to be underestimated. So let's see what can be the causes of low triglycerides and possible treatments.

Everything we eat in excess is transformed into triglycerides and is deposited in our body in the form of fat. Although many people have high triglycerides due to a diet that is too rich in carbohydrates and sugars, it can happen to have the opposite problem, i low triglycerides.

Low triglycerides are spoken of when blood triglyceride levels are lower than 40 milligrams per deciliter, in this case we will be in the presence of "Hypotryglyceridemia". Knowing this value is important because triglycerides together with other blood values ​​indicate our general state of health and the possible incidence of some pathologies. Low triglycerides in themselves are not a real problem (indeed they protect against cardiovascular risks) but it is important to verify that they are not a warning of something else taking place in the body.


Low triglycerides, causes

If after having done the blood tests you realize that you have low triglycerides, contact your doctor immediately, he will give you the right indications to follow. Among the possible causes of low triglycerides in the blood there may be various factors and only a specialist is able to extricate himself from the various possibilities.

Too low values ​​could be due, for example, to a too poor diet of fats and carbohydrates. Remember that the best diet is the one that involves the intake of different foods, which give the right balance to our body (on several occasions we have advised against high-protein diets that completely or almost completely exclude carbohydrates).

However, there are also some pathologies that could highlight a condition of low triglycerides. These include celiac disease or intestinal malabsorption problems but also a malfunctioning thyroid gland (in particular thehyperthyroidism) can result in an imbalance in triglycerides. Other diseases to be considered are those affecting the liver, including cancer, and cystic fibrosis.

Then there are one series of drugs or supplements that can cause low blood sugar, particularly prebiotics, dietary fiber, ascorbic acid, fish oil, and statins. So, during the visit with your doctor, do not underestimate this detail because it could be the drugs that have altered the values ​​and therefore the imbalance is not necessarily due to an ongoing pathology.

Other possible causes of low triglycerides are some genetic factors but also an excessive physical activity compared to the possibilities of one's body.

In summary i Low triglycerides can result from the following conditions:

• Unregulated diet (too low in fat and carbohydrates)

• Problems with hyperthyroidism

• Celiac disease

• Intestinal malabsorption

• Presence of genetic metabolic disorders

• Liver disorders

• Cystic fibrosis

• Liver cancer

• Taking certain supplements or medications

• Genetic causes

• Exaggerated physical activity
Then there is another alarm bell: cholesterol. If the latter also turns out too short then we are in the presence of too rigid diets, malnutrition and food imbalances. If, on the other hand, you have low triglycerides while your cholesterol is normal or high, there could be other causes that your doctor will evaluate (never rely on DIY). Generally, together with these two values ​​we also consider that of the glycaemia which, if high, compared with the other parameters (high cholesterol and low triglycerides), can highlight a predisposition to the metabolic syndrome.



Low triglycerides, symptoms

Unlike the high triglycerides which surely alarm, the low triglycerides do not present particular symptoms, but some generic ailments that must be investigated by a doctor. For example, you might find yourself in front of abdominal bloating and cramps, diarrhea, gas formation, weight loss. In severe cases, growth problems in children, inflammation of the retina and muscle atrophy.

In most cases it is therefore a matter of annoying but not very serious symptoms which can easily be confused with those of other disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome. Also in this case it will be the doctor, after having prescribed the necessary analyzes, who will evaluate the situation as a whole by linking the symptoms that have appeared to the abnormal values ​​of triglycerides.

In the case of low triglycerides, therefore, you may find yourself struggling with:

• swelling

• abdominal cramps

• meteorism

• diarrhea

• weight loss

• growth problems in children

• inflammation of the retina

• muscle atrophy

Low triglycerides, treatments and diet

Once your doctor determines why your triglycerides are low, he will be able to tell you what it is the right care to follow that obviously it varies according to the problem at the origin the imbalance of triglycerides. In the case of celiac disease, the patient will be offered a gluten-free diet, if it is a thyroid dysfunction, the necessary drugs will be dosed, if the cause is attributable to the supplements that are taken it will be enough to eliminate them or if the problem is of a type food will recommend the right precautions at the table. If the low triglycerides have a genetic origin, however, it will be possible to act exclusively on any symptoms that have appeared.

However, some dietary advice applies to everyone: choosing the right foods can help bring these values ​​back to the normal range. Recommended to hire gods healthy fats such as olive oil and fish, especially those rich in essential fatty acids. Largo then to dried fruit and carbohydrates (but in moderation) preferring whole grains. Legumes and seasonal fruit help a lot. Avoid alcohol and eat little but often. Also accompanying physical activity (but without exaggerating) helps both the body and the mind.

We can therefore say that the treatments for low triglycerides:

• vary depending on the cause of the problem

• the doctor will determine them on a case-by-case basis

As far as the 'supplyinstead, we can help us restore the right triglyceride value consuming more:

• olive oil

• fish rich in essential fatty acids

• fresh or dried fruit

• Whole grains

• legumes

• avoid alcohol


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