Lose weight with diet or exercise?

Those who want to lose weight have probably wondered if it is advisable to follow a diet or start exercising constantly. Is there a foolproof method to lose weight?

Anyone who wants to lose weight has probably wondered if it is advisable to follow one diet or start practicing constantly physical exercise. Is there a foolproof method to lose weight?

Eating less and better is certainly the safest way to drop a few pounds (unless there are previous diseases of strict medical competence) but to lose weight and maintain constant weight loss, physical activity also wants its part.

The answer to the initial question is therefore that the best way to ensure a fairly rapid and lasting weight loss is to follow a controlled diet and move at the same time. Certainly both things, even taken individually, can have a positive effect but it is certainly the right mix between the two that makes the difference in terms of health as well.

Lose weight with diet

If you intend to lose weight with a diet it would be better to rely on the advice of an expert nutritionist who will calibrate the new diet based on the specific needs of the person by evaluating important factors such as age, starting weight, gender, habits and lifestyle.

Choosing the most suitable diet independently may not be an easy task since there are many, also suitable for purification or a quick detoxification of the body.

We have told you, for example, of the Mediterranean diet in a slimming version, of the dissociated diet, of the zone diet, of the protein diet, of the Dash diet but also of dietary regimes in which a food is the master such as the diet of fennel, soup or that of lemon.

Since some of these diets, especially the "lightning" ones, are not suitable for everyone, we do not recommend doing it yourself.

Lose weight with exercise

According to a Danish study, 30 minutes of physical activity a day are enough to keep fit and lose weight.

Which activity is best suited for those who want to lose weight? In general, you can practice a bit of everything: from jogging to swimming, from sports such as volleyball or football to classic courses in the gym or training with tools.

You can also perform exercises directly at home if you do not have time to attend sports centers, or dedicate yourself to the so-called Workout, suitable workouts for every place for when you have time available. For example, there are some simple exercises to practice at home using a plastic bottle.

You can also experiment with Chi Kung for weight loss, a series of exercises and breathing techniques that help you lose weight.

In short, the alternatives are many, the important thing is not to get lazy.

There are those who believe that if you really have to choose between the two options, it would be advisable to prefer diet to physical activity as in this way you can directly limit the intake of calories while with exercise we would be able to dispose of only a part .

However, we continue to advise you to eat healthily, reducing portions a little if necessary and moving every day (it's okay to just walk for about 40 minutes at a brisk pace). All of this, as well as helping you lose weight, will be good for your physical and mental health.

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