Longevity diet: more chocolate and carbohydrates, less meat! The 6 pillars to live at least 10 more years, according to scientists

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According to a new American study, abolishing red meat and introducing more whole grains are among the secrets of longevity

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We are what we eat. Or rather, what we eat makes us who we are - from our state of health to the risk of running into pathologies to the life expectancy we will have. Therefore, paying close attention to what we put in our teeth is essential if we want to have a long and healthy life.

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California has identified the optimal diet for improving quality of life and being longer, and has put pen to paper some valuable tips to put into practice right now - from food choice to composition of food from caloric intake to frequency of fasting periods.

Researchers have long explored the link between nutrients, fasting periods, genetic mapping and longevity, weaving the results of hundreds of nutrition studies, and have conducted surveys of various sections of the human population, including that of the centenarians.

In addition to this, they observed the effects of popular diets and eating styles such as the zero calorie diet, the ketogenic (high fat) diet, the vegan diet and the Mediterranean diet. Finally, different forms of fasting were compared - such as intermittent (frequent and concentrated in a limited period of time) or periodic (a couple of fasting days provided each month).

The 6-point longevity diet

The study shows not so much a dietary restriction aimed at promoting weight loss, but rather a lifestyle to be adopted from an early age to slow down the aging processes and which, as a preventive measure, will help keep us healthy even when we age. will begin to be felt. But what does this "diet" consist of? Here are the six founding pillars:

  1. To consume large amounts of carbohydrates, provided they are integral;
  2. Minimize the consumption of white meat e completely abolish red meat and sausages; consume fish moderately;
  3. Assume most of the protein from vegetable sources, such as legumes;
  4. To hire vegetable fats in quantities sufficient to provide about 30% of the daily energy requirement: green light therefore to dried fruit, oil seeds, good quality olive oil and even a little dark chocolate.
  5. Concentrate all meals of the day, from breakfast to dinner, in a maximum period of twelve hours, considering that the body needs every day a period of fasting;
  6. Introduce a five-day cycle of almost total fasting every three or four months: this will help reduce insulin resistance, keep blood pressure stable and avert the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

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