Long live the bruschetta! Toast may be healthier than fresh (if you don't make that mistake)

Long live the bruschetta! Toast can be even healthier than fresh bread (if you don't make that mistake).

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Toast is extremely healthy, even more than the fresh one. In fact, the nutrients are not eliminated by the roasting process and the nutritional value remains unchanged.

Niket Sonpal, associate director of the internal medicine program at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center, said vitamins and minerals remain in the bread. And even the chemical reaction that is triggered by roasting it produces a change in the starches that makes it potentially more digestible.

The same chemical reactions, among other things, break down carbohydrates, according to Jess Cording, and therefore toast has a slightly lower glycemic index than fresh bread.

But what you shouldn't do is burn it, says Sonpal, not only because the taste becomes unpleasant but also because a potentially carcinogenic compound called acrylamide is formed from starches and amino acids.

Chemical substance that forms in starchy foods during cooking at high temperatures due to the chemical process called "Maillard reaction". Which can be avoided by boiling food or cooking it at temperatures below 120 ° C. And for the bread, paying attention to how much you let it toast and if necessary, throwing it away.

So yes to toast which is even more beneficial than healthy bread as long as it is not scorched. And of course it is always better to opt for quality bread.

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