Loneliness: the most beautiful phrases to learn to love her

    Loneliness is considered to be one of the greatest fears of modern society. Instead, on the contrary, it constitutes an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. Here are some of the most beautiful phrases that poets, writers, actors and musicians have ever dedicated to loneliness.

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    Nowadays the condition of loneliness represents one of the most widespread fears. The prospect of being alone is unsettling, frightening, sometimes even terrifying. As if it were a sentence, a torture, a punishment to be avoided at all costs. To escape loneliness, many seek the company of other human beings only as filler of one's own void rather than as a conscious choice of physical closeness, spiritual communion or emotional intimacy with that particular person.

    Or we tend to fill our void with work, with drugs or other more or less veiled forms of addiction, in a continuous and exhausting effort to fill one's interiority with external reference points that will never be able to complete us.

    Unfortunately today loneliness is often synonymous with isolation, understood as the inability to communicate and interact with one's fellowmen, the worst fruit ofalienation of modern times, in which individuals, engulfed by commitments and pursued by frenetic rhythms, seem to have lost the profound meaning of things.

    It is the result of egocentrism and exasperated individualism, of some social dynamics that have led us to oppose each other in a competitive or even hostile way, making us lose sight of the empathy and authenticity of human relationships.

    Fortunately, this has not always been the case.

    In ancient times, loneliness was considered a privileged condition, a state of being in which to make one's individuality flourish. In fact, loneliness derives from the Latin 'sollus', i.e. whole, to indicate the position of whom just be stesso and it needs nothing else to complete itself.

    The person alone was an individual perfectly accomplished, independent and autonomous, who did not seek his own inner balance on the outside. The well-known expression also derives from this positive meaning of solitude loneliness, happiness alone (blissful loneliness, blissful alone) Furthermore, the possibility of personal growth and self-realization offered by constructive loneliness has been emphasized practically by all philosophical and religious doctrines of every time and place.

    La positive loneliness, in fact,it truly represents an indispensable moment for the serenity and harmonious growth of each individual, contributing to the construction of sincere relationships and lasting bonds. It is not a void to be filled, as is often thought today, but one space full of meaning and opportunities to be seized.

    For this regain possession of the fullness of solitude it can be one of the most beautiful gifts that each of us can give to ourselves.

    Take advantage of the time that each of us necessarily spends alone for get to know each other, reflect and accept each other, or dedicating it to your own inner growth, or even transforming it into a fruitful opportunity for chart the course of one's existence, it can represent a small revolution in our life.

    Here are some of the most beautiful phrases that poets, writers but also actors and musicians have ever dedicated to loneliness. Un way to reflect on this condition. And at the same time an invitation, addressed indiscriminately to all of us, to take care of your garden without chasing butterflies.

    Because "the secret is not to take care of the butterflies, but to take care of the garden, so that the butterflies come to you." (Mario Quintana)

    1) You have to be very strong to love loneliness.

    (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

    2) I would perhaps be more alone without my loneliness.

    (Emily Dickinson)

    3) Loneliness is not madness, it is essential to feel good in company.

    (Giorgio gaber)

    4) And if you are alone, you will be all yours.

    (Leonardo da Vinci)

    5) Those who do not know how to populate their loneliness, do not even know how to be alone in the busy crowd.

    (Charles Baudelaire)

    6) Loneliness can be a terrible sentence or a wonderful achievement.

    (Bernardo Bertolucci)

    7) The happiest of all lives is crowded solitude.


    8) Whoever does not love solitude does not love freedom either, since only when one is alone is one free.

    (Arthur Schopenhauer)

    8) Loneliness is the home of the strong.

    (Queen Malouin)

    10) I was the type who thrives on loneliness; without loneliness I was like another man without food or water. Each day passed without loneliness weakened me.

    (Charles Bukowski)

    Loneliness: the most beautiful phrases to learn to love her

    11) The more they leave me alone the more I shine.

    (Alda Merini)

    12) Loneliness is like a magnifying glass: if you are alone and you are well you are fine, if you are alone and you are sick you are terrible.

    (Giacomo Leopardi)

    13) Loneliness is for the spirit what food is for the body.

    (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

    14) Loneliness creates people of genius or idiots.

    (Victor Hugo)

    15) It is useless to look for who completes you, nobody completes anyone, you have to be complete on your own in order to be happy.

    (Eric Fromm)

    16) I used to think that the worst thing that could happen in life was to be alone, but that's not the case. The worst thing is to end up with people who make you feel alone.

    (Robin Williams)

    17) I have never found the companion who made me as good company as solitude.

    (Henry David Thoreau)

    18) I hate those who take away my loneliness without keeping me company

    (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    19) Sing and dance together and be happy, but make sure that each of you is also alone, as the strings of a lute are alone, although they vibrate to the same music.

    (Khalil Gibran)

    20) Loneliness gives birth to the original that is in us.

    (Thomas Mann)

    21) The real drama of loneliness is that there is always someone who wants to stop you from living it in peace.

    (Galgano Guidotti)

    22) The more alone, the more powerful.


    23) Loneliness is not living alone, loneliness is not being able to keep company with someone or something inside of us, loneliness is not a tree in the middle of a plain where there is only him, it is distance between the deep sap and the bark, between the leaf and the root.

    (Jose Saramago)

    24) Only one thing is necessary: ​​loneliness, great interior loneliness. Look inside yourself and don't meet anyone for hours; this one must know how to obtain.

    (Rainer Maria Rilke)

    25) Everyone is alone on the heart of the earth pierced by a ray of sunshine: and it is immediately evening.

    (Salvatore Quasimodo)

    26) Loneliness suffered afflicts; choice satisfies.

    (Alessandro Morandotti)

    27) If you are afraid of loneliness, don't get married.

    (Anton Čechov)

    28) I'm too glad you're here. I would almost like to enjoy it in solitude.

    (Carlo Gragnani)

    29) Alone? No, along with loneliness.

    (Constantine Stoica)

    30) I wish I was alone ... I just wish I was alone.

    (Greta Garbo)

    Angela Petrella

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