Live juice: advantages and contraindications of fruit and vegetable juices

There are many advantages offered by fruit or vegetable juices prepared with an extractor. Few things to consider that can be considered "disadvantages".

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Those who are attentive to their well-being and health often opt to start the day with a nice one freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice perhaps using one of the modern juice extraction devices that are now easily found on the market.

They are undoubted beneficial effects of this type of drinks but there are also some details that could be considered disadvantages, however to be kept in mind in such a way that the habit of using these juices is actually and totally beneficial and healthy.



The first advantage is undoubtedly that live juices keep the nutrients present in fresh food unaltered: therefore water, mineral salts, vitamins, enzymes, etc.


Even those with digestive problems can easily drink these juices since, given the absence of fibers that are separated at the time of extraction, it is very light drinks for our stomach and intestines. This also has positive repercussions on the rest of the body which, by saving energy on digestion, can use them for other useful functions.


In addition to resting our digestive system, juices are a lot useful to help cleanse our body. Drinking them regularly allows for a good one organ purification and detoxification. According to the alkaline diet, then, these juices are able to rebalance our body by counteracting the tendency to acidity.


Those who regularly consume fresh juices very often see relieving or solving problems such as constipation, headache, pre-menstrual syndrome, mood disorders or other. This is probably due to the combination of advantages highlighted in the previous points.



Surely the investment to be made to be able to enjoy the wonders of these fantastic juices is not really within everyone's reach. Most of the extractors on the market cost a lot up to 400-500 euros (but there are cheaper ones). It is therefore important to evaluate if you really intend to use this tool every day for yourself or for your family, otherwise the expense will not be easily amortized.


Each time they are used, the extractors must be cleaned. Some of those on the market have disassembly and cleaning systems simpler and more practical. Always evaluate this point (which may seem marginal but is not if you will then use this tool every day) at the time of purchase.


Juices made with fruit they contain many sugars, albeit natural, not in all cases so it may be advisable to always drink juices, especially if made with typically sweet fruit. For example, a case could be that in which in one's intestine there is a large presence of yeasts, microorganisms that feed on sugars. In this case, it is better to prefer vegetable juices and maybe add a little ginger.


Fruit and vegetable juices they do not combine well with proteins or starches and in poorly prepared digestive systems they can cause problems such as fermentation and gas. Better to consume them alone and wait at least half an hour before ingesting other foods.

As you have seen the disadvantages are very few and perhaps, except for the first point, they are not very important compared to the great advantages that these juices offer. We therefore recommend that you get into the good habit of starting your days with a good concentrate of vitamins and minerals!

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