Listen to the songs of the whales: on this site you will find 8 thousand hours of recordings

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How do whales sing? And why do they do it? On the occasion of World Oceans Day, it is now possible to find an answer to these questions, thanks to a site accessible to all that allows you to listen to about 8.000 hours of underwater recordings with the songs of cetaceans.

In the 60s, scientists first discovered that, in particular, humpback whales sing songs that evolve over time. But there is still so much to understand. Why do they sing? What is the meaning of the patterns within their songs?

Scientists sift through an ocean of sounds to find the answers to these questions. What if someone could help make discoveries? Now you can!

“Last year, Google partnered with NOAA's Pacific Science Center of Fisheries to study the vast collection of underwater recordings with an artificial intelligence model. This project helps scientists to better understand the behavioral and migratory patterns of whales, so as to protect them, ”a statement read.

Thus, anyone will be able to play a key role using the website called 'Pattern Radio: Whale Songs', open to all. It houses over 8.000 hours of NOAA recordings, meaning scientists aren't the only ones who can explore this data and make discoveries. Anyone can do it.

Here you can zoom in on images until you see individual sounds on the spectrogram of humpback whales songs, along with ships, fish and a whole host of mysterious or even unknown sounds.

“The idea - concludes Google - is to make it possible for everyone to listen and perhaps arrive at a real new discovery. If you find something that you think others should hear, you can share a link that leads directly to that sound. "

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