Lindt, vegan oat-based chocolate bars are coming

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In view of Christmas Lindt launches three new vegan chocolate bars with biscuit, salted caramel and hazelnut.

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Good news, indeed very good, for lovers of Lindt chocolate. The famous Swiss brand has announced the launch of three vegan bars that will be on the market by next Christmas. A special ingredient based on oats. 

Customers can choose between three irresistible flavors: hazelnut, biscuit and salted caramel. The first (lucky ones) to try out the new Lindt brand products in November will be the Germans, but it will soon be available in other countries as well.

The bars are part of the "HELLO" chocolate line and will be easily recognizable thanks to the yellow VEGAN OK sticker visible on the package (which will be completely recyclable). Thanks to the launch of these new products, even those who are lactose intolerant will be able to enjoy the inimitable Lindt chocolate.


The special oat-based ingredient, which will replace cow's milk, makes the product practically indistinguishable from the traditional, non-vegan one. In fact, these are dairy-free products that maintain the taste and creaminess that have always distinguished Lindt chocolate.

Plus, the bars will be totally nut-free, making them safe for those with food allergies. In short, Lindt will make a very welcome Christmas "gift" to many sweet tooth!

Fonte: Vegangame / The National 


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