Lidl recalls marjoram for salmonella contamination risk in Germany

In Germany, Lidl has withdrawn some batches of marjoram seen in 10-gram packs in its stores. There is a salmonella risk

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Due to salmonella risk, Lidl recalled in Germany some batches of marjoram, an aromatic herb sold in packs of 10 grams.

Spice manufacturer TSI Consumer Goods GmbH is recalling a product which, following internal safety tests, was found to be contaminated with salmonella. These are some lots of marjoram sold in Germany by Lidl.

The risk of consuming this product is to have typical salmonella symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting. In infants, young children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems, however, the disease can be life-threatening.  

So pay attention to some packages of marjoram with the following specifications:

  • Producer: TSI Consumer Goods GmbH
  • Expiry date / lot number: 07.2023 | A30 / B30
  • Expiry date / batch number: 08.2023 | A01 / A04 / A14 / A15 / B04 / C04


In the chain stores, the affected product has already been withdrawn from the market but customers may have purchased it and are at risk of using it. In no case should the marjoram affected by the food alert be used, which must be immediately returned to a Lidl branch.

However, it appears that this product was only sold in Germany.

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