Lexicon of happiness: the book that makes us understand how to live better by reinterpreting 33 words

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An instruction manual to learn how to be happy in 33 steps. This is the aim of the essay “LEXICON OF HAPPINESS - 33 WORDS FOR LIVING BETTER”.

The essay “LEXICON OF HAPPINESS - 31 WORDS TO LIVE BETTER” was released on October 33st to learn how to live better and savor happiness.

Can happiness be learned? Maybe, but you can learn to live happily by focusing on the little everyday things and some certain meaningful words that could help you see the world from another perspective. Trying to see the full glass. This is the goal of the essay Lexicon of happiness - 33 words to live better“, Published by Baldini + Castoldi.

The book written by D.ssa Laura D'Onofrio, psychologist and psychotherapist and by the writer e Robert D'Incau, shows us the possible ways to direct ourselves towards the path of happiness, starting from a careful analysis of ourselves and of the relationships we establish with others.

An instruction manual that each of us should carry under his arm to face life without breaking down: moving away and defeating fears, difficulties and finally savoring happiness.

33 words to deal with unhappiness

It is precisely when life takes us "to slaps" that we must find the strength to react and face the difficulties of every day at work, emotional, love or family level; because not always upsetting everyday life or running away - even though it might seem like the immediate solution - turns out to be the most effective answer.

The search for happiness must start from ourselves, from the way we observe the world around us, from how we read the situations that present us. We must first acquire awareness of who we are and then embrace the point of view of the other, also because sometimes we cannot change, avoid unpleasant situations at work, in the couple or in the family.

"Lexicon of happiness - 33 words to live better" is designed to help us understand the nature of happiness but does not promise to give it to us. It is only by facing the whirlwind of emotions and feelings that we could find ourselves and therefore the path to happiness!

Here they are, then, the 33 keywords that make up the vocabulary of happiness: Love, Anxiety, Appreciation, Expectation, Self-esteem, Change, Competence, Competition, Communication, Conflict, Crisis, Money, Desire, Diversity, Duty, Emotion, Empathy, Balance, Failure, Fatigue, Children, Imagination, Dissatisfaction, Envy, Child side , Motivation, Boredom, Fear, Pleasure, Sincerity, Stress, Tenacity, Betrayal.

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