Lemon peel improves memory (and could help Alzheimer's patients). I study

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Lemon peel as a tool to improve memory. This is what the Brescia IRCCS intends to ascertain.

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It contains many vitamins, especially C, and many antioxidants, has antibacterial power, is anti-cancer and also helps the body to eliminate toxins. There lemon peel it is a very precious resource and, strange but true, it is also for the the memory! Or at least there are excellent premises.

Indeed, the IRCCS, Istituto Centro San Giovanni di Dio, has launched a research study to analyze the effects in elderly subjects with cognitive decline and evaluate their potential for improving cognitive functions. The item? The lemon, in fact, and the clinical and biological effects of the phytochemicals that derive from its peel.

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Research "Clinical and biological effect of phytochemicals derived from lemon in subjective cognitive decline: a randomized controlled pilot study ", will actually evaluate the effect of a phytocomplex extracted from lemon peel and standardized in the auraptene and naringenin content on cognitive function and biomarkers in elderly people with subjective cognitive decline.

A systematic review

For 9 months, 80 people with cognitive decline will take the phytocomplex or a placebo. Obtained from organically grown lemon peel, the dry extract will be standardized in the content of auraptene (an organic substance present in curamines, a family of natural substances distributed in the plant world), and naringenin (a type of flavonoid) and will thus guarantee the biological activity of the phytocomplex. The capsule will be administered in the morning, as soon as you get up, in conjunction with pharmacological therapies already in place.

Brain damage and lemon peel: improving memory and learning

“The lemon peel is very rich in phytochemicals. In particular, two of these phytochemicals, called auraptene, from the coumarin family, and naringenin, from the flavonoid family, have aroused the interest of scientific research. Some studies have shown that auraptene and naringenin have a neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect and improve memory and learning - explains the head of the study, Samantha Galluzzi. Furthermore, in a clinical study, auraptene was administered to a group of healthy elderly people demonstrating an enhancement of immediate memory function compared to placebo ”.

The purpose then? Improve the cognitive function of the elderly and, why not, prevent cognitive decline e counteract the onset of Alzheimer's, a neurodegenerative disease as complex as it is extremely distressing.

Source: IRCCS

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