Learn to trust yourself, the best antidote to get out of the crisis

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Learn to trust yourself, this is the best antidote to get out of the crisis and live a truly satisfying life.

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Which the best antidote to overcome the crisis? To have peace within! Because when you are confident internally, you are also more satisfied externally, you can manage stress better, uncertainty becomes less pressing, you acquire self-confidence, you live with greater courage.

Of course, achieving this inner balance is not easy and requires practice, as well as the ability to cancel a whole series of psychological and emotional black holes that often subconsciously sabotage us. And to do this, you must necessarily face your fears and allow yourself to be imperfect, accepting yourself anyway.

Feelings of guilt, regrets, anxiety are all enemies of inner peace when they become faithful companions of everyday life and we should learn to get rid of them. But how? For example, by stopping to set ourselves continuous objectives and conditions, thinking that once we are satisfied we will be better. In reality this is often not the case.

But inner peace cannot be separated from self-esteem, which should not be confused with sterile narcissism, but with a healthy self-confidence, one that does not require continuous external confirmation, but is fine regardless.

A self-esteem that can hardly be achieved if you are not able to forgive yourself, forgiveness is in fact considered very powerful to get rid of many invisible yokes. Because we are not infallible, we are not perfect, we all make mistakes, and we must be able to forgive ourselves, so that we can move forward free and better.

The problem is that so many of us perceive vulnerability in a negative way, for fear of getting hurt, yet one cannot have self-confidence without being vulnerable. This is why we should pay attention to our vulnerability without judging it and, if anything, facing it with curiosity and concern.

Even if it is difficult to trust when we realize that we are not up to our greater self, only by starting from this awareness and making conscious choices to improve in small steps, we can develop our strengths and grow.

How can this be done? For example by dedicating a few minutes a day to meditation, paying attention to the breath and the body. Because in this way the brain changes and thanks to the resulting neural growth, greater inner confidence emerges.

Other important steps, as Lifehack suggests, are to accept your current situation and personality, often think about your past successes, talk to yourself, face your fears, stop living in the past, be grateful for life, and if necessary, get help in this process from a professional who can provide useful suggestions.

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