Kidneys: 10 bad habits that risk fatigue and damage them

The kidneys are essential for our health. For this reason we must avoid those bad habits that risk fatigue and damage them. They are one of the most important organs in our body and deserve our full attention.

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I Reindeer they are essential for our health. For this reason we must avoid those bad habits which risk fatiguing and damaging them. They are one of the most important organs in our body and deserve our full attention.

The deterioration of the kidneys may go unnoticed for years, as the kidneys generally continue to function even if their normal working capacity decreases. That's why the kidney disease they are often called silent diseases. It is better not to forget the importance of the kidneys in order not to run into problems over time.


Not drinking enough water

La function more important than the kidneys is to filter the blood and eliminate toxins and waste substances. If you don't drink enough water during the day, toxins begin to accumulate and the kidneys will struggle to perform their functions at their best. If you are used to drinking fizzy drinks very often, perhaps even during meals, replace them with very simple and healthy water.

Too much salt in the diet

The body needs sodium to function properly. For example, sodium, together with calcium, is of fundamental importance for the functioning of the nervous system. But most people consume too much salt, a habit that can raise blood pressure and put stress on the kidneys. You shouldn't consume more than 5 grams of salt per day according to the latest WHO guidelines.

Do not follow the urge to urinate

Some people ignore the stimuli of their body and do not mind excrete urine when nature calls. True, we don't always have a bathroom at hand during our days, but we should always learn to listen to the stimuli of our body. Withholding urine can lead to kidney failure, kidney stones and incontinence in the long run.

Drink carbonated and sugary drinks

Better do not overdo it with carbonated and sugary drinks. They are caloric, swell, contribute to weight gain and are too rich in sugars that strain the activity of the kidneys. Also pay attention to the frequency of urine and the amount of sugars introduced with food: urinating very frequently is one of the first symptoms of diabetes.

Lack of vitamins and minerals

The common Western diet is rich in packaged and industrial products but low in fresh fruit and vegetables, of which we should consume at least 5 portions per day. A diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, which provides vitamins and minerals, is very important for kidney health, also because some deficiencies could increase the risk of kidney stones or kidney failure. Vitamin B6 e magnesium, for example, they are very important in reducing the risk of kidney stones.

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Excess of animal proteins

Beware of a diet too rich in animal proteins. Foods of animal origin weigh down digestion and strain the kidneys. The consumption of animal proteins, with particular reference to red meat, increases the metabolic load on the kidneys. More animal protein in the diet means more work for the kidneys and this could cause deterioration over time.

Poor night sleep

We all know what a good night's sleep is important for our body. In fact, during the night our body activates some of the mechanisms for the elimination of toxins. Lack of sleep and rest can damage the kidneys because during the night these organs take care of their self-regeneration and consequently improve the body's healing capacity.

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Drinking too much coffee

Beware of excess caffeine. You should never overdo it either with the consumption of coffee or with the intake of caffeine-based drinks, be they carbonated drinks or Energy drinks. Like salt, caffeine can help raise blood pressure, a phenomenon that affects the kidneys.

Abuse of painkillers

People commonly take painkillers in case of very common problems such as headache, back pain or muscle tension. However, painkillers cannot be taken like candy and can have some side effects usually involving the stomach, liver and kidneys. Always read the package insert of medicines, stick to taking the strictly necessary medications only during the treatment period indicated by your doctor and try and turn to natural remedies without side effects when possible.

Consumption of alcohol

- alcohol I'm a source of stress for both the liver and the kidneys. Alcohol abuse can strain and damage these organs in the long run. Alcohol consumption affects younger and younger age groups nowadays and is often unregulated for various reasons. Better not to overdo it with alcohol so that the kidneys do not work under stress. Your body will thank you if you give up on this and other bad habits.

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