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Avery's new antimicrobial labels help protect us from microorganisms by eliminating the conditions conducive to their development.

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With the arrival of the winter season we are all more exposed to the attack of viruses and bacteria and, this year, in addition to the normal flu, we must defend ourselves from the new coronavirus.

In addition to washing hands often, wearing a mask and staying away from other people, we can use simple adhesive labels to keep viruses and bacteria away.

The new Avery antimicrobial labels, applied to handles, shopping carts and other surfaces, help protect us from microorganisms, eliminating the conditions favorable to their development.

What are antimicrobial adhesives and how they work

During the winter months we are more exposed to viruses and bacteria and the chances of getting infections increase. This year, then, the fear of getting sick is greater and many are looking for solutions to limit the chances of getting infected as much as possible, given the coronavirus emergency.

 As we now know, washing and sanitizing hands often, carefully airing and cleaning environments, wearing a mask and keeping a distance from others are fundamental measures to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and other potentially dangerous microorganisms.

However, touching buttons, handles, objects and surfaces is essential and this can be a source of concern, especially in shared spaces or spaces open to the public such as offices, shops, restaurants, public transport.

Avery antimicrobial adhesives were created to offer a solution to this problem, guaranteeing greater protection against the attack of viruses and bacteria.

These are adhesive labels made of transparent polyester and equipped with a special antibacterial coating effective against viruses, bacteria and molds.

The active component present in the coating of the labels, completely non-toxic and safe, eliminates the conditions in which microorganisms manage to survive and multiply, consequently limiting their spread.

The labels protect 99.9% against various strains of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Avery antimicrobial adhesives therefore offer a valid help to limit the spread of microbes and to defend ourselves from the contagion of viruses and bacteria, together with daily cleaning and sanitizing of environments and personal hygiene.

The labels are resistant and durable and their use is guaranteed for up to five years: they can be exposed to temperatures between -40 and 60 ° C and do not lose their effectiveness even when they come into contact with oils, water, creams, detergents and detergents.

At home, at work, in shops and other public places, antimicrobial adhesives help improve the protection of environments and safeguard the health of family, friends, colleagues and customers.

Where to use antimicrobial adhesives

Avery antimicrobial adhesives are very versatile and suitable for protecting a variety of objects and surfaces.

The range includes permanent or removable adhesives, available in different formats, pre-cut and ready to use or in A4 sheets that are easy to cut into the desired shapes and sizes.

In this way the antimicrobial adhesives can be applied to switches, buttons, handles, displays, POS, helping to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria at home and especially in places open to the public and in shared spaces.

The uses are potentially infinite, starting with those in hospitals, laboratories and nursing homes where the adhesives can be applied on all objects and surfaces shared by staff and patients, as well as on personal protective equipment such as visors, so that they can be applied. reuse without having to throw them away after use.

Antimicrobial adhesives are also a valid help to protect the staff and customers of restaurants, supermarkets, shops and other commercial activities, using them for example on menus, POS, touch-screens of automatic checkouts and monitors for placing orders, trolley handles .

At school and in the office, Avery antibacterial adhesives are particularly useful for protecting desks, meeting tables but also folders and binders and shared equipment.

At home, on the other hand, antimicrobial adhesives can be applied in common areas, for example on switches, mailboxes and gate handles, as well as on objects and documents that are frequently used, such as smartphones, credit and debit cards, cards of identity.

Obviously the antibacterial stickers can also make trains, buses, taxis safer, protecting handles and armrests so as to travel with greater safety, while in public toilets they can be applied on switches, buttons, toilet seats.

The possibilities of use of Avery antimicrobial adhesives are potentially infinite and allow, as we have seen, to guarantee extra protection for all of us, in all the spaces we share with family members, colleagues and in general with other people.

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