Journeys into the soul, part III: the Hero's journey to the heart

Whenever in our life we ​​are grappling with the "dragon" of fear, pain, death, we can choose to identify with the archetype of the hero and choose "life" in the face of "non-life".

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Here we are at the third chapter of our journey, waiting for the preview on May 31st here on our website of the video The Key - The journey - by director Michele Pastrello, which will symbolically summarize all the topics addressed in our "journeys into the soul. ".

After talking about the archetype of the Seeker and then the internal Persecutor who hinders us, today we talk about a possibility that is given to us: to be a Hero.

Whenever in our life we ​​are grappling with the "dragon" of fear, pain, death, we can choose to identify with the archetype of the hero and choose "life" in the face of "non-life".

When is a hero born? When a man or a woman decides to do the right thing.
How do we know what's the right thing? When let's give voice to the whisper of that wisdom that leads us to go further.

In fairy tales, every self-respecting hero begins as a Seeker, the one who decides to seek fortune, or rather, his path. He needs to get out of the usual reassuring comfort zone or block that has become narrow, limited, sterile or deadly ("there is not enough food or there are too many brothers to share the inheritance with").

The departing Seeker, in fairy tales, is almost always the younger brother and the most inexperienced, this is because the psyche does not need to be perfect and already created to evolve, it must be trained and the learning of growth tools takes place during the journey.

When the Seeker learns reality with mastery and gratitude, facing the victim / orphan complex but with the awareness that difficulty and pain are not necessarily a limit, then become a Hero.
The journey of individuation often involves the use of a magical object, such as a stick, which has the function of representing an internal quality that is not yet recognized.

The journey expresses the potential for transformation available to everyone, where the energy is open, projected outwards, the new, positive, aimed at saving the princess / soul who represents that part of herself more noble and sensitive, and precisely for this reason in need of being freed.

The reward for passing trials will be a great sense of oneness with the whole and a great understanding of knowing one's shadow. Only those who have felt orphaned, lost and alone in the cold winter can compassionately understand those in the same state, providing support without falling into the parental trap of complacency and care.

We can recognize the Hero's action when we decide to choose "life" in the face of "non-life", immersing ourselves in reality and our resources, refusing to flee once again with extenuating circumstances, like the little match girl who trusts in a few matches to face the winter. Trusting in ourselves and in this we have an option: to face more or less dramatic events, even unknown but alive, or to flee with thought, with rejection, with fear of the echo of the past, with victimhood.

It is also not necessary to completely turn one's life upside down to contact the archetype of the Hero. It is not necessary to carry out an action out of the blue (seriously dangerous or unhealthy exceptions aside) but to take small steps, at least start the psychic processes that allow you to question the choices dictated by fear, by apprehension, by altered projections , and that's how the journey begins.

The journey will then take the path of self-listening and reveal what the real test will be to face.

The questions with which we close this cycle of articles are therefore the following:
Which archetype do I identify with the most?
What attitude of addiction or stasis do I need to leave to begin my journey?
What fear do I need to face to become my hero?

Let this journey begin.

This is the third chapter of our journey, divided into four articles by Dr Alice Bacchin, psychologist and dramatist, on the theme of life-death-life cyclicality which will end with the preview on May 31st of The Key - The journey (here the teaser), an emotional and sensorial short film by the video artist Michele Pastrello that will tackle all the topics covered in an emblematic way.

Dr. Alice Bacchin

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