Johnson & Johnson condemned for the second time: for the judges, talc is carcinogenic

Johnson & Johnson again under indictment and again condemned for the possible side effects of using her talcum powder.

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Johnson & Johnson again under indictment e again condemned due to the possible side effects of using its talcum powder.

It is already the second time that the well-known brand of detergents for adults (but especially for children) is sentenced to a maxi compensation for a consumer that after using the well-known talc for many years has found itself struggling with ovarian cancer.

Ma there really is correlation between using this product and the onset of the disease? According to the judges of the court who analyzed the case, yes! The company is thus forced to pay Gloria Ristesund, 62, from South Dakota, a good 55 million dollars after she had already paid out 72 million dollars for the same reason to another woman a few months ago.

Johnson & Johnson has already announced an appeal for both causes but the question does not end there. In fact, it seems that the company still has about 1200 lawsuits to be addressed by consumers convinced that its products are carcinogenic. A really bad situation but from which J&J is convinced to get out in the best way since it considers its talc safe even in the light of some research that has never found a correlation with the appearance of tumors.

Lo Iarc, International Agency for Research on Cancer, however, it classified the substances contained in the offending talc as possible carcinogens since 2006: there is no certain news, therefore, but some concrete doubts obviously exist. So why not choose substances that are sure to be safe for our health?

As always we advise you to take a good look at the INCI of all the products you buy for the cleansing and health of skin and hair, even more so when it comes to products that you must use on children.

Today the ecological alternatives, bio and without harmful ingredients or allergenic agents fortunately exist. We therefore choose to make conscious purchases!

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