Jet-lag: 8 tips to remedy the time zone change

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Regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, jet lag can still be a real frustration. Here's how to counter it in 7 steps.

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Jet-lag? Many of you will have been lucky enough to "expatriate" for these days of Christmas holidays. And on the way back, also thanks to the classic daily routine, the typical jet-lag was not long in coming. In short, unexpected sleepovers are just around the corner. But how to counteract the melt sore?

Regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, jet lag can still be a real frustration at the start of the trip, or one of the reasons (plus!) Why we don't want the trip to end. .

But there are ways you can manage time sickness that can help make homecoming easier ...

1. Set the clock

Knowing the time it will be at the arrival destination can be useful to start "adjusting" as soon as possible. So try to get up early and also, train (since you will also be sitting for so many hours), to adjust to the new time zone immediately.

2. Arrival at destination during the day

If possible, plan your flight to arrive during the day. In fact, daylight helps to remodel the circadian rhythm. Local light exposure can easily reprogram our internal clock.

3. Hydration!

During the flight, drink about a cup of water every hour. The lack of humidity in the cabin can in fact cause dry throat, eye irritation and cracked skin and can make you less able to cope with stressful situations such as the change of time.

4. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

For the same previous rule, the prohibition of overeating with coffee and alcohol also applies, which can interfere with energy levels and with the adaptation to the new schedule, disturb sleep and increase dehydration.

5. Make smart food choices

Especially on an intercontinental flight, they are always offering food and it is very likely that more food than your body requires will be offered. Avoid salty, fatty, or sugary foods, opting instead for healthier choices that offer a balanced mix of protein, healthy fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates, with a focus on vegetables. Healthy snacks, with nuts and seeds or yogurt, are essential.

6. Adjust your meals to your destination time zone as soon as possible

Again, take into account the time you will arrive. For example, if the food is being served in what would be the middle of the night of the place you are supposed to arrive, skip this meal, or ask for it to be set aside, and then have a great breakfast at what would be dinner time. breakfast at your destination.

7. Nap

About twenty minutes of a placid nap are enough to feel regenerated and, once you arrive at your destination, try to resist and wait for the night, then allowing yourself a long sleep.

8. Melatonin

If you travel regularly, it may help, but consult a doctor first. Melatonin is the hormone that helps sleep, so when time zones are regularly crossed, taking a melatonin supplement can help maintain balance.

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