Jellyfish: 10 natural remedies and what to do in case of a sting

Jellyfish: 10 natural remedies and what to do in case of a sting

Jellyfish, natural remedies. What to do if you accidentally come into contact with a jellyfish? Here are some useful tips in case of a sting

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What to do if you accidentally come into contact with one jellyfish? On the best remedies to use in case of jellyfish stings the debate is open, but it is a shared recommendation to rinse the affected part with sea water.

It is also good to inquire about the sea in which you are. Mediterranean jellyfish would be less dangerous than tropical jellyfish. Here are some useful tips in case of jellyfish stings.


Natural remedy tested

From the Chlorophyll blog here is a tested natural remedy to apply on the skin when you are "touched" by a jellyfish. It is about uniting Tea Tree essential oil e essential oil of lavender in a bottle to take with you to use it when needed. A small space in the sea bag is enough to store this remedy.

Sea water

Se a jellyfish suddenly stings you, get out of the water immediately and wet the affected area with sea water. If you do not have other remedies available, you can go to the pharmacy to request a special ointment based on aluminum chloride. Better andlive fresh water, which would promote the circulation of toxins from the jellyfish. THU more information about it.  

Water and bicarbonate

As a natural remedy for jellyfish stings, baking soda comes in handy. Prepare a creamy mixture by mixing the baking soda with a little water. Spread it on the wound and let it sit for at least 30 seconds. The bicarbonate helps relieve the itchy sensation. Here more info.  

Remove the tentacles

Get out of the water without panic and if necessary ask clearly for help. Salt water aids in the removal of the jellyfish's tentacles. But if that's not enough, never use sharp objects such as knife blades or scissors. The advice in this case it is to resort to a rigid but not sharp object such as a credit card, or in any case a plasticized card. You can also use your fingers, but rinse them off right away.  

No creme cortisoniche

Cortisone creams and antihistamine creams they have no effect on jellyfish stings because they only come into action after 30 minutes, that is when the reaction has already reached its maximum peak. If you decide to apply a remedy purchased at the pharmacy, it may be useful to apply medical gauze on the area to be treated. Here more info.  

Beware of ammonia and urine

Among the folk remedies for the treatment of jellyfish stings are the application of ammonia, alcohol, vinegar o urine. These are remedies that do not find the agreement of the scientific community. If you have nothing else available, it is much better to rely on simple sea water. In particular, the vinegar remedy it would be effective only for tropical jellyfish while for the Mediterranean ones it would prove to be a contraindicated device, able even to exacerbate the burning.  

Ledum palustre

Il Ledum palustre and the homeopathic remedy recommended in case you come into contact with a jellyfish. This is the same product that is believed to be effective in preventing mosquito bites. The ledum palustre can also be used dissolved in water to create a solution to be used as compresses. Here more information. Contact your homeopath to know the exact doses and precautions for use.  


Another homeopathic remedy suggested in case of jellyfish stings is theUrticaria. This homeopathic remedy based on nettle is used in appropriate dilutions for the treatment of reactions caused by contact with the jellyfish and follows the principle of similarity typical of homeopathy, which also suggests first resorting to herbal remedies before moving on to others of origin animal. THU other info.  

Aloe vera and calendula

If you want to apply a natural product on the part pointed by the jellyfish, you can contact toaloe vera and calendula. Always rinse the area with sea water. Do not rub and when the skin has dried apply aloe vera gel or calendula ointment. Ask your herbalist for more information, especially to be able to choose the best products to take with you to the beach.  

Emergency room

Jellyfish stings are annoying but not fatal. In some cases But they can lead to complications despite prompt treatments. For example, breathing difficulties may appear. Allergic people may be at risk of anaphylactic shock. If unexpected symptoms appear and the problem does not go away in a short time, go to the emergency room right away.     Read also:
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