Jeans that kill the coronavirus are coming: the technology that makes Sars-Cov2-proof fabrics

Denim, masks and fabrics are coming that kill the coronavirus in less than 30 minutes, preventing the virus from spreading.

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The coronavirus, as some studies have shown, can survive for some time even on fabrics and it is precisely for this reason that some companies have decided to formulate virus-proof clothing lines.

The Swiss company HeiQ has developed the treatment called HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, effective at 99,9% against the viral strain SARS-CoV-2. During the tests it was found that the technology effective against Covid-19 combines silver salts with a vesicle technology.

And that's how HeiQ started announcing collaborations with some brands of denim intent on creating SarsCoV-2 strain resistant jeans, including Artistic Denim Mills, DL1961 and Warp + Weft. Not just denim though, the same treatment can be used to produce protective masks, upholstery fabrics, medical gowns, workwear, towels and so on. The innovative technology can in fact be applied to various types of textile fibers.

But specifically what can Viroblock NPJ03 do? The treatment, which is applied to the fabric during the final stage of the textile manufacturing process, renders bacteria and viruses present on the fabrics harmless in minutes, apparently less than 30, reducing the infection rate by 99,99%. In this way the virus is unable to transmit itself through the tissues. And the treatment resists for 30 wash cycles at 60 ° C.

HeiQ CEO Carlo Centonze said in an interview with Olivia Chang of CNN Money Switzerland that “tissues are a major carrier of viruses but also of bacteria. The technology we have [developed] really addresses both. All fabrics treated with [HeiQ Viroblock] basically become capable of destroying them both in seconds or minutes and ensure that there is no retransmission or contamination from the surfaces. "

So apparently we will be able to wear denim and other virus-proof clothing soon!


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