Jam Green Tomatoes

The recipe for the delicious green tomato jam, to eat without exaggerating, because it is full of solanine

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The tomato is a fruit, and more precisely a berry. Try to pretend for a moment that you are in front of a ripe tomato for the first time, wouldn't you expect a sweet, cherry-like flavor?

In reality, it definitely has an acidic connotation, which for a long time after its introduction from the Americas in the sixteenth century made it even considered poisonous. The first varieties were probably yellow in color, and from this derives the attribution of the name "d'oro".

In addition to the puree and the various preserves that we all know, packed with red tomatoes, with unripe, completely green tomatoes, a delicious jam is prepared, which allows you not to throw away the tomatoes that are unable to ripen at the end of the season.

This jam is a true concentrate of solanine, e should be consumed in moderation, as heat does not destroy these alkaloids at all.

Eaten from time to time it will not harm anyone's health. Indeed, she will make your taste buds happy. Perfect for filling a tart with a particular flavor, and the rest perhaps to be packaged in small jars to give as a gift at Christmas, to be enjoyed together with cheeses.


  • 300 g of green tomatoes
  • The juice of 3 lemons
  • The peel of 1 lemon
  • 150 g of sugar
    (As you can see I used white sugar, brown sugar alters the flavor of this jam. If you think a little white sugar will kill you, please, use another sweetener without crucifying me. Thanks)
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract


We recommend starting the evening before cooking the jam, cutting the tomatoes into chunks and putting them to macerate with the lemon juice, sugar and vanilla extract overnight.

After a night in the maceration, blend quickly with a blender and add the lemon zest in large pieces, before starting to cook the jam in the wok with the lid closed until it boils.

Remove the lid and continue cooking over high heat, stirring often. The attention is rewarded by the fact that in this way the sugar is caramelized and becomes beautifully shiny. Just before turning off the heat, blend everything again. This avoids the tedious operation of peeling the tomatoes before starting to cook. Once the boiling jam has been transferred to the jars, always proceed with pasteurization, to be sure that fungi and bacteria do not start to feast.

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