It's World Hug Day: let's pamper ourselves more not just today

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January 21 is World Hug Day, the right occasion to remind us to pamper those we love more (but not just today!).

Il 21st JanuaryFor 34 years now, World Hug Day has been celebrated, the right occasion to remind us to pamper those we love more (but let's not just do it today!).

The idea of ​​celebrating hugs was born in the United States in 1986 when Kevin Zaborney decided to dedicate a whole day to this simple but powerful gesture with whom we exchange love and affection all over the world. Thus was born the National Hugging Day.

The success of the initiative was immediately clear and extended outside the US, after all who does not like to receive or give a hug? The choice of date is not accidental, just yesterday was the Blue Monday, that is the saddest and blackest Monday of the year (as we have actually explained to you nothing but a hoax) and giving a hug on this day (a date halfway between the past Christmas holidays and the arrival of Valentine's Day) seemed the best time to cheer up those who are perhaps feeling a little sad.

In fact, we remember the power that an embrace has both on our body and on the mind and nervous system. When we hug, we release oxytocin, the love hormone, which reduces cortisol levels and therefore stress.

But the benefits of a hug certainly do not end here: this gesture of love helps us protect the body from infections and cardiovascular problems, helps brain function, relieves headaches, prevents colds, improves mood by attenuating the anxiety and strengthening self-esteem.

We also give very important hugs to babies and children as they help them grow better and develop their brains correctly. And by now many have understood this, there is even a Danish school that has included hugs among the school subjects.

Not just today. In reality every day is the right one to give a hug to those we love and, why not, also to some strangers (many flash mobs have been made in the past, and not only on the occasion of this day, precisely to give hugs on the street to those in need).

Finally, let's not forget to hug our animal friends and the precious trees!

Do you remember what the American psychotherapist Virginia Satir claimed?

“We need 4 hugs a day to survive. We need 8 hugs a day to keep us healthy. We need 12 hugs a day to grow ".

And the longer you hug, the better. Research has quantified in at least 20 seconds the minimum duration of a hug in order to fully enjoy all the benefits it offers us.

Get busy!

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