Is it possible to freeze cooked pasta?

Here are all the tips for best preserving leftover pasta, in the refrigerator or freezer, for a kitchen without waste

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With a view to a kitchen without waste, the fridge and freezer represent valid aids as they allow us to store food prepared in excessive quantities and not consumed at the moment for several days. But be careful to freeze everything lightly: there are in fact foods that should not be stored for long periods and that can be damaged by the freezing process.

Among the foods that are most wasted it is worth mentioning pasta: in fact, we often cook too abundant portions of first course and then we don't know how to consume it. So it is legitimate to ask: is it possible to keep leftover pasta in the fridge and freezer? The answer is yes in both cases, but these precautions must be taken into account.

If we have cooked and seasoned pasta that we intend to consume the next day, we can safely store it in the refrigerator - the important thing is to wait until it has cooled down, and this for two reasons: on the one hand, a hot dish placed inside of the refrigerator would increase the internal temperature of the appliance, subjecting the motor to strain and also affecting the preservation of other foods; on the other hand, the thermal shock could favor the birth of molds inside the pasta that would make it inedible and dangerous for us. The ideal would be to keep the pasta in a glass container, preferably with an airtight lid, as soon as it has cooled down (about two hours after cooking).

If, on the other hand, we want to keep it for longer, we can think of freezing it. If it has not yet been seasoned, we can add a drizzle of oil to prevent the pieces of pasta from sticking together, but we can also freeze the already seasoned pasta. Also in this case, first let the cooked product cool completely, then divide it into portions that we will arrange in jars or containers suitable for freezing.

It is very important to indicate on a label to be affixed to the container the date of preparation and freezing of the pasta: we remind you that products prepared at home and frozen in a non-industrial way can be stored for a maximum of two or three months, before becoming harmful for our health. To keep in mind the contents of our freezer, we can also create a list of everything we have stored in the freezer, with the dates when the different foods were added: in this way we will not waste food and we will not risk "forgetting" dishes in the freezer. .

If we have already stored the pasta for a few hours in the refrigerator (or even for a day), it is not advisable to switch to freezing: it is better to consume it by heating it or use it in another recovery recipe (HERE you will find some of our recipes on how to recycle leftover pasta. ).

Ma how to defrost pasta that we kept in the freezer? We do not recommend defrosting pasta in a microwave oven: microwaves will evaporate all the water present in the dish, making it dry and unappetizing and not guaranteeing homogeneous heating. Better to heat a little oil in a pan and insert the frozen product: after a few minutes our pasta will be ready to be eaten.

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