Intimate itching: causes and natural remedies

Intimate itching: causes and natural remedies

Intimate itching, here is a problem that can annoy us women from time to time. Intimate itching can cause embarrassment and concern especially if it persists. In this case it must be taken seriously.

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Intimate itching, here is a problem that can annoy us women from time to time. The intimate itching it can cause embarrassment and worry especially if it persists. In this case it must be taken very seriously.

To relieve intimate itching we can put some into practicenatural remedies, waiting for a specific visit if the problem does not disappear on its own in a short time. The causes of intimate itching they can be really numerous.


Causes of intimate itching

One of the most common houses of intimate itch is represented by the candida or from other types of vaginal infection. Even contact with common sanitary pads, the use of linen in synthetic materials. the use of aggressive detergents or products that contain substances that cause allergies can be among the causes of intimate itching.

The habit of using very tight pants it could be one further cause of intimate itching. Intimate itching could also be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease or improper hygiene of the private parts themselves.

If the intimate itch is caused by airritation and if the phenomenon persists it can turn from a simple annoyance to a painful problem. Other causes can be related to the stress, upon arrival of the menopause, to vaginitis and vulvitis. To be sure, contact your doctor. We suggest some natural remedies considered useful for preventing and relieving intimate itching.

Natural remedies for intimate itching

Apple cider vinegar

THEapple vinegar has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties. IS considered useful to relieve itching especially if it is caused by a fungal infection. You simply have to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water to use for washing.

2) Cold compresses

In some cases, intimate itching can be really annoying, especially at night. Among the remedies that are recommended from this point of view we find the application of a cold compress or a cold compress on the part. Instead of the ice pack you could use a thermal pad made from cherry pits.

Acqua e dirty

If there are no cuts and abrasions, which could cause burning, among the remedies suggested for intimate itching we find the addition of small amounts of salt to the water of the bathtub or bidet. Salt has antibacterial properties and may be helpful in alleviating the problem.


Lo white yogurt, natural and without added sugars or additives, it is considered a useful food remedy in case of infections of the intimate parts caused by bacteria, yeasts or fungi. The advice is to take a normal jar of yogurt a day. Other natural remedies suggest applying yogurt to the itchy area as if it were an ointment, with the aim of relieving the problem.

Basil leaves

Le basil leaves they have antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can bring a handful of basil leaves to a boil in half a liter of water to obtain a decoction that you can use to add to the bidet or bathtub water to relieve intimate itching.

Rosemary leaves

Even with the rosemary leaves you can prepare a decoction considered useful for relieving intimate itching. Bring a handful of basil leaves to a boil in half a liter of water, let it simmer for 15 minutes and let it cool before adding the decoction to the bidet water.

Sodium bicarbonate

Il sodium bicarbonate it is one of the most recommended remedies in case of intimate itching. It is simply a matter of adding two tablespoons of baking soda to the warm bidet water. There are those who habitually use water and bicarbonate to cleanse the private parts in place of common detergents.

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If you want to prevent intimate itching, try to enrich your diet with kefir, a drink made from fermented milk (or fermented water) considered a powerful probiotic capable of strengthening the immune system and acting as an anti-inflammatory.

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9) Honey

Among the natural remedies recommended to relieve intimate itching we also find honey, with particular reference to unpasteurized honey, which is used as if it were an ointment to be applied locally on the affected parts. In this case, the antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey are exploited.

Aloe vera

Last among the natural remedies for intimate itching, but no less important than the others, is the aloe vera gel. This natural remedy is truly marvelous in case of redness and irritation of the skin. Choose pure aloe vera gel to be applied gently on the parts to be treated to alleviate the problem.

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