Insomnia: Just losing 16 minutes of sleep makes you less productive at work

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Sleeping just 16 minutes less is associated with less judgment and easy distraction at work the next day.

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Just 16 minutes less sleep than your normal routine can significantly impact your performance at work the next day. So, if your colleagues are aggressive, in a bad mood, or don't perform as well as you should, you probably lack sleep. In fact, sleeping only a quarter of an hour less than you should, during the working week, would trigger a vicious circle that can lead to being more and more tired and less concentrated in the office.

This is supported by a new study from the University of South Florida, according to which rest even a little less than usual it greatly interferes with work performance. One thing that could become a real problem for those who have recently had a child and for those who spend several sleepless nights.

In the workplace, therefore, let's go there calm and above all beautiful and rested if we want to be satisfied at the end of the day.

A systematic review

The American scholars analyzed the responses to a questionnaire of 130 healthy employees, who worked in the field of information technology and had at least one school-age child. Those who participated in the tests reported that when they slept 16 minutes less than their usual routine and with worse quality sleep, they experienced more cognitive problems the next day. This would have increased their stress levels, particularly with regard to work-life balance issues, resulting in them being forced to go to bed earlier and always wake up earlier due to fatigue.

"The results of this study - explains Soomi Lee, lead author of the research - provide empirical evidence of why a greater commitment is needed in the workplace to promote the sleep of employees: who sleeps well can be more performant at work. , thanks to the greater ability to stay focused, with fewer errors and interpersonal conflicts ".

So how do you go about being aces in the office? Maybe keep in mind the 10 basic rules to rest well!

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